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Preston Tower & Woodland Walks Northumberland

Preston Tower sits in Northumberland and is maybe a little forgotten, but it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. The Tower was built in 1392, it’s owners include Sir Guiscard Harbottle who die in the battle of Flodden 1513, which then led to Mary Queen Of Scots to the throne. We love having a wander here it is so peaceful and the boys can burn some energy.

Half of the tower was pulled down and what is left today is what remains of the original structure, there is a model on the table as you enter showing what the tower originally looked like.

Preston Tower is small so if you are planning on visiting I would suggest you have something else to do too.


The Ground floor – The guardroom and prison. First floor – Bedroom and living room which is furnished like it would have been in the 1400s. The second floor – The Flodden Room, descriptions of the battle can be found. The Clock works were installed in 1864 the mechanism is similar to that of Big Ben and strikes on a bell that weighs 1100 lbs! You can go right to the top of tower and see the spectacular views and get up close to the huge bell.


We love walking here and there are a few different trails you can follow that take you right back to nature including:

The Wellington way walk – Around 200 yards here you will see a the tall Canadian redwood, Bay tree, Copper Beech, through an avenue of Yews taking you back to the tower.

Chestnut walk – Around 400 yards. Pass the dogs graveyard and you will find some really interesting plants such as New Zealand Daisy and Ginkgo Biloba. The path takes you along a line of Chestnut trees with a gorgeous view of the house.

The Woodland Walk – Around 600 yards. You will find a flight of stone steps that take you down into the woods, walking under the high Beeches and follow the hill down to the fresh Spring with a small pump house and pond. You could continue following the path further along but you do need to turn around to get back to the tower.

look out for:

Red Squirrels Various Birds A huge range of plants such as Canadian redwood,New Zealand Daisy, Beech, Chestnut trees, Walnuts, Yew and lots more.


Preston Tower is signposted Use the postcode NE67 5DH The tower is around 7 miles from Alnwick and 7 miles from Belford.

Toilets on site , dogs are welcome on a lead and there is a small free car park. The woodland walk I would say is not disabled and pushchair friendly but you should manage ok with the other walks. There are a lot of steps inside the tower so do bare that in mind. There is no shop but you can buy postcards from the table inside the Tower with an honesty box.

Prices Adults £2 each and Children 50p you pay using the honesty box

The tower is open all year except Christmas day. 10am – 6pm or dusk whichever comes first.



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