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Piz Buin 50+ Sun Cream Review.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Summer has always been my least favourite season. The main reason behind this is because I burn in the sun. Which can be a bit of a nightmare, giving that I love to be at the beach and around water, which is not a lot of fun in the winter. I have had to watch my boys play in the water while I sit and hide under a huge parasol to try and stop myself from turning to a crisp. Because of this, I have always just prefered the colder months, the colder countries.

I have tried quite a few different creams to help protect me in the sunshine, I am a redhead and I have fair skin which means I burn extremely easily. In the past I have tried different factor creams, staying inside when the sun is at its peak and I have even tried specific clothing for sun allergies but nothing seems to work or keeps me comfortable.

I spotted a post on social media a few months ago, someone with a sun allergy asking for recommendations on which sun protection they use and Piz Buin came up a few times, now Piz is not one that I have tried before , the next time I was shopping I spotted a Piz Buin 50+ cream and It was only £4.99. They do lots of different factors and other handy moisturisers too.

I was hesitant, because nothing else has worked anywhere near as well I thought so why would this be any different?

The weather picked up and the sun shone down so it was time to try out this highly recommended cream.

The Cream

It smells nice, the consistency is smooth and it rubs in really well, it doesn’t leave a creamy patch on your skin like some do. It wasn’t too greasy either which I love, I don’t like the ones that leave you feeling greasy and your hands sticky. So far so good.

Over the week I found if I reapplied every hour this worked wonders for me, I didn’t burn like I usually do with other creams I had tried. I am so happy to have finally found a cream that seems to work for me. I have had stressful summers in the past where I would watch the boys play and I would want to join in but I couldn’t because I would 100% burn or I would look like a lobster from sweating in the clothing I had to hide in.

Piz Buin 50+ has given me hope and I look forward to being able to enjoy my summer and explore with my family.

What are your summer favourites?

Kelly X



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