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Our Christmas Movie list for 24 days of December

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One thing I love about December, is the christmas movies. I just love them. Even the cheesy ones, snuggles with hot chocolate and treats always go down well. After the year we have had with travel plans cancelled and the rules around covid making the boys clubs difficult we just wanted to bring extra magic this year to our festive season.

As the boys are getting older the two oldest are spending more time in there rooms so we are going to take what we can get for the next few years before Craig and I are officially uncool for their kids. It is also a great excuse to use our Hot chocolate station!

The Movies

Home Alone

Home Alone 2

Jingle all the way

Jingle all the way 2

Deck The Halls

I'll be home for christmas

The Grinch who stole christmas

The santa Clause Trilogy

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles 2


Nightmare before christmas

A christmas Carol


Arthur Christmas


A miracle on 34th Street

Jack frost

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas with the kranks

Polar express

Snow day

Craig and I love to snuggle once the boys go to bed and watch those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies so I I am pretty sure we will be watching a few. I love a Golden Christmas and Christmas Town so they are on the list!

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