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Our afternoon at Hannah's Meadow - Durham Wildlife Trust

Once we had finished our trip to Low Barns Durham Wildlife Trust we decided to make the most of the afternoon and head to Hannah's Meadow.

Hannah's Meadow was once owned and farmed by Hannah Hauxwell, in my opinion she was an amazing lady. Once her parents and uncle had passed away she lived and farmed the 80 acres for many years alone. She lived Alone without running water and electricity and farmed in the traditional way.

Hannah passed away in 2018.

We really enjoyed our walk here and in the surrounding area. First we parked the car on the road opposite the gate for the Meadow and headed down the path. We came to the meadow which has a wooden walkway across to the old barn which has been turned into an unmanned visitors centre with info on Hannah's life. We had a quick peek but didn't go in because it was super super dark so we will take a look when we come back back with a flashlight.

We found quite a lot of wildflowers in the meadow and it just looked fantastic, you could smell so many floral scents too. We did spot a few butterflies and a lapwing. The area lies in the North pennines area of natural beauty and is the most remote site The wildlife trust own.

We decided to carry on walking and headed down to to Blackton Reservoir, here you will find a bird hide and lots of ducks. It really is a gorgeous view! Once the boys were finished bird spotting we decided to then carry on with our walk and we walked all the way back up and across Balderhead Reservoir where the boys played on near the reservoir for 5 minutes we sat for a few minutes and took in the view and then headed back to the car. The whole walk probably took us a good couple of hours. We are planning on going back and exploring further.

Important info

Parking is either on the road opposite the gate to the meadow or you can park in the car park for Balderhead Reservoir but you have about a 15 minute walk to the meadows.

Terrain is ok but there are cattle gates to get across.

Dogs welcome but on leads PLEASE PICK UP YOUR DOG POOP there is also a large number of sheep roaming so keep the dogs on leads.

No toilets here.

DL12 9UX

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