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Morph's Epic Art Adventure Trail - North Tyneside (Includes spoiler photos)

When we heard that North Tyneside Council would be presenting a brand new trail across the area, we just knew we had to get on it and complete it.

Elliot is Morph crazy and has watched the show a gazillion times.

North Tyneside Council presents Morphs Epic Art Adventure Trail in partnership with Wild Art and designed by artists from across the country. It features 20 stunning sculptures and they have been placed in areas across North Tyneside such as Whitley Bay, Wallsend, Killingworth, Forest Hall, Tynemouth, North Shields & Cullercoats.

We couldn't find the app, so we just downloaded the map booklet and used that, which was fine to use. You can get a printed map from the customer first centres but these are limited. We didn't stick to the route the map tells you, so kind of did them all over the place but I just had my notepad and wrote the number we did .Download your booklet HERE Each Morph has a little bit about the artist for you to read.

Spoiler photos Below

Which is your favourite?

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