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Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival and Our Favourite Roman Sites.

2022 sees the festival of Hadrian's Wall 1900, which celebrates 1900 years since the building of one of our greatest landmarks. We love visiting Hadrian's wall and exploring the area and imagining what life must have been like back then. As home educators we have covered Romans in depth and they were really interesting people.

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What is Hadrian's Wall 1900 festival?

Hadrian’s Wall 1900 will celebrate the 1900th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. It will commemorate 1900 years of history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognised here in the North East, and around the world as a major landmark of huge historical importance.

Throughout 2022, a programme of events and activity which celebrates 1900 years will be presented by local societies, interest groups, community and arts organisations, local authorities, visitor attractions, venues and individuals. This will be across the length of Hadrian’s Wall, from Wallsend to Ravenglass.

From community events to high profile arts commissions, Hadrian’s Wall 1900 will provide opportunities for everyone to celebrate this World Heritage Site whether it be Roman history, dark skies, the natural environment, cultural diversity, food, music, the arts and more.

We have covered most of the sites relating to Hadrian's Wall and the Romans in the North East and we have our favourites that we go to when we are wanting our Roman fix.

Here are our must visit Roman sites in the North East

Chester's Roman Fort - This is an English Heritage property and entry fees apply for non-members. Find out More HERE

Binchester Roman Fort - Admission charges apply Find out more HERE

Birdoswald Roman Fort - This is an English Heritage property. Admission fees apply. Find Out More HERE

Corbridge Roman Town - Another English Heritage property and one of our favourites! Admission fees apply Find Out More HERE

Housesteads Roman Fort - This is an English Heritage and National trust property. Members of both organisations gain free entry. Admission Fees apply for non-members. Find out More HERE

Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields - Entry to the museum and fort is Free Find out more HERE

Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend - Fees Apply find out more HERE

Epiacum Roman Fort - Free entry however it is across a field and is a working farm. Find out more HERE

Vindolanda - Fees apply. Find out more HERE

Piercebridge Roman Fort + Bridge - Free Entry Find out more HERE

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery - Fees apply Find out more HERE

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