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May Check In and Dates for the diary

Can you believe May is here already! I feel like this year is flying by. I must admit I was even singing a flipping Christmas song the other day! I know we are not quite ready for that just yet. The weather over the last month or so has just been crazy, warm one day, cold the next.

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We actually went away for a few days to Wales in April, I booked a lovely cottage in the countryside and it was just bliss the whole time. We chose Wales because it was somewhere we had never been to and I would love to go back and explore more, maybe South Wales next time. We all had a lovely social media break the whole time we were away. During our trip we visited some fab attractions including Snowdonia, The Great Orme, Anglesey and lots more. Check out what we got up to in the below post

Things to do in North Wales (This contains links to everything we did)

We have also had some fun trips to Jorvik, The National Railway Museum for the Anniversary of the Flying Scotsman, Nunnington Hall, Elba park, Jarrow Hall and a few more places. The blog has been getting busy, especially with May Half term coming up and we are excited to share some fantastic businesses that we will be working with. We have also tried some new places for food in April and re-visited one of our favourites who has great deals on during the week.

I have been sticking with social media free weekends and instead have been opting to schedule posts, I have found doing this a blessing as I do tend to stress and panic to make sure things are done. I am going to continue doing social media free weekends for the foreseeable future.

I do have some really exciting opportunities coming up regarding the blog and Craig and I have been looking at ways to maximise the blog too, so get ready for a few changes. The boys have been doing great with clubs and college. Not much has changed since last month regarding the boys.

The garden

I am still behind with the garden this year. I am just not feeling it to be honest. We do have plans to get it sorted in the next month though so watch this space.

What have we been watching

To be honest similar to last month. The second part of season 2 of LA Brea has just started, we have been keeping up with CSI Vegas. Sweet Tooth season 2 has just started on Netflix so we are excited to watch that. We finally watched the new Antman!

Plans for May

We are going to be making a few changes with the blog, adding in new sections and just enjoy being out and about. We have lots coming up for May half term and we have a few trips and over night stays planned for May. I am really going to be upping my game on socials and I am considering waving goodbye to Twitter. I don't use it and its just full of negativity.

Elliot has started a new history topic so we have been diving right into that, we have also started a photography challenge and a pattern in nature challenge. It is Adam's 17th Birthday in May so we have a few plans and he will be starting driving lessons too!! EEK Exciting.

Dates for the diary in May

1st - May Day / Beltane

1 Early May bank holiday

8 May Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III

29 May Monday Spring bank holiday

Social Media Calendar

We like to use some of these dates to run along side our home ed curriculum

1st-31st - National Walking Month

1st-31st - Local & Community History Month

1st - 7th Hedgehog Awareness Week

3rd Asthma Awareness Day

6th Space Day

8th Gardening Day & Red Cross Day

9th-13th- Eurovision!

13th Fairtrade day

14th Women's FA Cup final

15th-21st Mental Health awareness week

16th-22nd Veggie week & Love a tree day

17th Baking Day

18th Museum day

20th Bee Day & Endangered Species Day

22nd French Open starts

23rd Turtle Day

24th Chelsea Flower Show

28th World Hunger Day (I think we should be tackling this issue every day)

29th Biscuit Day

30th Start of BBQ Week

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