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Lambton Park walks - What you need to know.

Updated: Feb 19

Lambton Park has opened some of the estate up to the public after closing in the early 80s when it was a safari park.

I have heard the stories from other people about the Lion Park, including my own family, and all the wonderful memories people have of the place, it was a shame it closed down, it would be a fantastic attraction for the local area.

We have always been intrigued by the land Lambton Castle sits on and when we heard they were opening up some of the land to the public for walks, we couldn't wait to take a peek. You have 4 walks to choose from we did all of the walks except the Racecourse

We started with Shepherds Ghyll, followed the The Ridge Walk along the river and back and finished on Hedworths. We are planning on going back to do The Racecourse.

We arrived at 9am and the car park was starting to get busy but we were confident that we could socially distance safely, however on the way out there were cars parked outside of the estate with people heading into the walks and this would have definitely made me turn around and go somewhere else, I am hoping that when the novelty wears off it will calm down.

Overall, the estate is absolutely beautiful with some stunning views across the river and to the castle. We were lucky on the day to see various birds, cattle, squirrels and some beautiful butterflies.

Walks (All permissive access)

The Ridge Walk - 3.2km it is the longest of the 4 walks, terrain is mixed including through pastures, woodlands, grasslands. Gorgeous views across the river to the castle.

Shepherds Ghyll - 2.1km This walk takes you through woodlands & Parklands, down to the river Wear.

Hedworths - 1.7km Flat short woodland walk, ideal for young families with a mix of gorgeous ancient trees. Also some great views to the castle.

Racecourse - 2.6km Woodlands going along the river bank.

What you need to know.

*Entrance is at the new roundabout and just follow the road in from there, where you will find the car park near to the office buildings

*Right now, it is Sundays only. The walks are of a mixed terrain although not many are suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

*You can take your dogs along but they must be on leads at all times and you must clean up after them.

*No Toilets, closest toilets are probably Herrington park or Chester - Le - Street.

NO BIKES ALLOWED Pedestrians only.

Maps available as you enter the walk, you must stick to the designated footpaths.

*Free entry and free to park

Opening times

1st Feb - 30th June 10am-4pm

1st July - 30th Sept SUNDAYS ONLY 10am-4pm

1st Oct - 31st Jan CLOSED





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