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Ideas for our space themed learning.

We have decided that we are going to start a month long learning journey and this time, we are learning about space. I asked the boys what interests them and got various answers so we are going to incorporate those ideas into home learning and fun. Space has always been a big interest to me, even when I was growing up I specifically remember telling people I wanted to be an astronaut! So when the boys asked if we could learn about space, I was happy.

We will be using a range of resources for this such as the Nasa Space station website, books & Youtube.


Our project will be to make a solar system. This can be using any materials we have, preferably recycle some things that would usually be thrown away. It could involve coathangers, paint and poly balls or it could involve cardboard and lots of glue. It will be fun to see what the boys come up with.

Design a constellation, we are going to use the idea from the Brilliant Brainz magazine and use teabags to age paper, pens, paint and get our imagination flowing.

Listen to music with a space theme. I think we will check out some Gustav Holt and I may even giove the boys a challenge to find as many space themed songs as possible.

Make some space energy bars - as seen in the Brilliant Brainz magazine.

Research food in space. We want to know what they eat, how they eat, ways to eat.

Watch a space themed Movie and Documentary

Download the Starwalk app (costs £2.99) and go look for constellations.

Think up some space themed Jokes

Poster this can be anything to do with space, we will do this at the end of our learning.

Write a letter to an alien that is thinking about visiting Earth for a holiday soon. What advice will you give them?

That is what we are planning to do for a month long space extravaganza. This will include lots of creativity, art, crafts, reading & research.

Keep an eye out on social media for our pictures.



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