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How you can keep cool during a heatwave.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

If someone had told me 6 months ago that we would see heat like this in Scotland, I would have probably laughed at them. I mean when do we ever get hot hot weather in this country? Now apparently, we are facing a heatwave pandemic and thousands of people are flocking to the seaside in an attempt to keep cool. Wow it is hot hot hot! The UK is just not used to this kind of temperatures and I have seen so many people beg for ways in which they can somehow keep cool.

I, as a concerned parent, have been looking into ways in which I can make this sticky heat more bearable for the boys. Elliot has really fair skin like me and burns really easily so of course I need to take extra precautions.


  1. Keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day – I have been doing this and it honestly has made a massive difference. Open your windows a little to keep the air circulating through.

  2. Keep internal doors open – This helps the airflow through the house and reduces that awful stuffiness feel.

  3. Freeze a “hot” water bottle – Very effective, extremely nice in horrid humid sticky weather.

  4. Choose your meals wisely – Lighter, cooler meals tend to help during a heatwave. I know I don’t want to be eating a heavy meal when the temperature is sky high.

  5. Fluids – This is so important during hot weather, make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated and you always have a bottle of water on hand. This applies to kids too.

  6. Fans Fans Fans – I currently have 3 set up in the living room, and it’s still warm and urgh! A must especially if you have animals.

  7. Become unsocial – Avoid direct sun during 11am – 3pm which is usually the hottest part of the day

  8. Shower – Cool showers at regular intervals can be very effective.

  9. Clothing – Keep it loose and light , loose fitting clothing won’t cling to you and will help keep you cool and lighter colours will reflect the sun.

  10. Cool treats – Lots of Ice lollies on hand is always a good idea.

  11. Aircon – Either invest in a good aircon system or seek places that have good aircon.

Good Luck! I think we’re gonna need it.

ALWAYS USE SUN PROTECTION ON YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN! Handy tip – When you buy sun cream if you check the back of the bottle it will have a star rating you need 5 to effectively protect your skin and the most expensive ones are not always the best.


Kelly X



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