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How I plan to get healthy in January for 2019

It is a new year, and at the top of most wish lists is a new you. Detox month is here and we all aspire to change ours ways to ensure a fitter, healthier year is ahead. But where do you start? This is one of the problems I have had in the past. I aim to get healthier but I want to make sure I am doing it the right way. I know I need to lose a little weight but for me it’s more about the fitness side not my weight. I have been slim in the past and I have been larger than I am, and now I am finally at peace with who I am. I just want my fitness levels to improve as well as my health. A few things that I like to do to improve my fitness and health are 1) Plan breakfast – I have a habit of skipping breakfast if I don’t plan, so I choose to have smoothies, eggs (scrambled, boiled, poached) and porridge (Not all in one go ha!) I don’t drink Cows milk so I barely ever eat cereal. Plan for a week, and make sure you set time to actually have breakfast.

2) Get out more – Walk the dogs a few time per day, go for a walk around the local park. You can usually find local walking groups too. You can walk pretty much anywhere you want.

3) Join a fitness club – This could be anything from a new sport club or a martial arts club. I don’t do high impact sports like running because I have Asthma, made worse by exercise (I know that sucks right) So I choose to do walking, swimming, Martial arts, Bike riding, tennis etc.

4) Portion control – This one is really important, you need to learn the right amounts that you should be eating for each meal. It is so easy to over eat which then means more calories.

5) Herbal teas – I drink a lot of herbal teas, make sure you check the labels because some have high sugar contents. I use ones with no or very little sugar in and then if I want the sweetness I add a spoon of honey.

6) Start your day with a glass of water and a slice of lemon. It’s refreshing and extremely good for you and maintains the ph balance in your body. It is also full of Vitamin C potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. Don’t over drink the lemon water though or you will be peeing every 5 mins.

7) Add more raw fruits and veg to your diet. Pretty self explanatory really, not only is it very good for your body but you can also use raw peppers, carrots as snacks.

8) Eliminate fizzy drinks completely – This is on my 2019 list of must do’s. I am a pepsi addict, I have given up in the past but the back end of this year I have found my way back to the little fizzy devil.All fizzy pop is unhealthy. even Sugar free, I don’t drink any, other than Pepsi so I am hoping to stick to this for the year and keep it up.

9) Sleep right – Create a sleep haven, make your room cool, dark and screen free. Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I love a good quality white cotton duvet !

10) Stay positive- easy said than done. Keeping in the right frame of mind will help you massively. It will be hard, you will feel depressed and angry, the lack of caffeine from the fizzy drinks will make sure of that but stick with it, those symptoms will disappear in few days and then you will be well on your way to a happier, healthier you. Meditate if you find that helps.

I wish you all the best for 2019 and I hope you gain the fitness and health that you are looking for.

Kelly X



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