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Hallmark Christmas Movies. My Top 10 to Watch this Festive Season

One of the things I love about the festive season, is all of the movies that you watch on a cold day, snuggled up with a hot chocolate and a thick knitted blanket. I love Hallmark Christmas Movies and the cheesiness that they bring to the season. I think a lot of the movies are now part of my tradition, just like some of the ones we watched growing up.

How all the movies go ...

A career driven woman with a high up job is seeking a promotion, she ends up going on a last minute trip to a lovely little village/town that is obsessed with Christmas. She makes friends with pretty much everyone who lives there, but has some beef with one of the guys that she comes across. They end up spending a lot of time together, joining in those Christmas traditions. They fall in love, almost kiss but are rudely interrupted, she then finds out something about that guy that makes her mad and tries to avoid him. He then finds out that she knows so he goes all out to win her back. It ends with a kissing scene in front of all of the town. Roll credits!

Repeat all of the above and you have pretty much every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made.

Look out for the cringe worthy fake snow, totally random singing that has nothing to do with anything, the dead relative, missed kisses and the let down Christmas tree light switch on (I still don't understand why the tree is left 'til Christmas eve, when the rest of the town has been lit up for weeks).

We always try to guess which part of Canada they filmed in before we look it up too. (Most of the movies are filmed there, it's pretty obvious most of the time that some are in the same place.)

What is not to love? All of the above is what makes a Hallmark Christmas movie a Hallmark Christmas movie. 🎅🎄

Here are my top 10 to watch this Festive season

🎄Christmas Town

🎄Christmas Land

🎄Christmas under wraps

🎄The Christmas Train

🎄Christmas in Evergreen

🎄Christmas at Holly Lodge

🎄Christmas Next Door

🎄Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

🎄Christmas at the Piazza

🎄Check inn to Christmas

Hallmark also release dozens of new Christmas movies every year, with 41 this year!

You can check out a great selection of this festive cheesiness on Great! Xmas or Christmas 24 on Sky, or you can purchase a subscription to the Hallmark channel if you have an Amazon Prime account. This is an extra £4.49 per month, after a 7 day free trial.

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