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Fun winter activities; indoors & outdoors.

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but that does not mean you have to hide in your pjs under a throw in the house until Summer time, (It sounds very tempting!) Winter can make people grouchy and feel like they just can’t be bothered to do much, tempers rise when you are stuck indoors all of the time and you become miserable. I find getting out of the house and doing fun activities, even if it’s a simple walk around the local park, makes me feel so much better. Getting outdoors keeps our minds healthy.

Ice Skating (Outdoor/Indoor)- I personally don’t need it to be winter to go Ice skating as I skate quite often, growing up I would be at my local rink every night after school and all weekend. Ice Skating is something that I absolutely love. Go to an Ice Hockey game – again if I wasn’t on the rink I was sitting watching the local team practise or play a game. Go skiing – You can find plenty of places that offer family deals even if you are a newbie. Go Sledging – We are lucky that we live rural and have numerous hills to choose from to take the kids sledging. You are never to far from a hill or a centre that offers sledging experiences. Build an igloo – Obviously you need snow to do this but earlier this year the kids had so much fun building an igloo. Go on a survival weekend – You could camp, or even stay in a cabin. sounds perfect for me! (I love camping) Stargaze – have you been outside to look at the stars recently? Go somewhere you can see the stars clearly and see what constellations you can find. We do this quite often as we have the perfect setting for dark skies. Get Crafty – You could set up a table in the garden and make bird feeders, pictures from winter finds, wreaths etc The list is endless for this option. One of my favourites as I get to spend more time with the kids. Go photography mad – Go out for a walk with your camera and dog if you have one, winter is one of my favourites for taking pictures. Winter scavenger hunt – Create an A – Z list of things for the kids to find. My boys love doing this, we do it throughout the year. Wildlife tracking – Perfect for a snowy day of fun

Still not convinced? Here are some indoor activities you can do. Art day – Crack open that art cupboard and get crafting! Movie day – Winter is the perfect time to take some time out from the world sit back and relax with your family, snuggles, snacks and your favourite movie. PERFECT Go to a museum – We love going to museums, we like to have a slow walk around taking everything in and can spend a full day in one museum. Train ride – How about you give up the driving for the day and go on a train ride? So many great steam railways you can go on tours and explore the stations. You could even have a winter picnic whilst taking in the views. Go to the local leisure centre – If you have one, they offer so many classes for different things. You could go swimming or even take up martial arts. Go to the theatre – Perfect for indoor entertainment in the winter, go see your favourite show or even a see a new one. Go to the pantomime – It is the Festive period after all and nothings says so more than a good Panto with the family. Have a board game day – We are board game hoarders, and we like to turn all electronics off and get the good old games out. Do an indoor scavenger hunt – same as the outdoor one but with an A – Z of indoor items. Head to an indoor trampoline park – This will warm you up too. Great fun.



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