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Traditional Halloween Games you can play with your family. Blogtober day 13

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

As you have probably guessed, we love halloween. It doesn’t just have to be all about Trick or Treat, or scary movie nights.

Have you ever thought of holding a traditional Halloween games night? Lots of fun and it won’t cost a fortune to pull off either. If you have a Halloween party every year like we used to do, playing these games used to keep the kids and adults happy for hours. Ever since Celtic times games used to be focused around apples and we still play most of these games today. I think that is why I love playing the games, the thought that our ancestors way, way, way down the line were enjoying the same things we enjoy today ( although maybe not as much as we enjoy Halloween today)

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of  Samhain. The festival symbolised the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. It was believed by the Celts that on the night of 31st October, ghosts of their dead would revisit the mortal world and large bonfires were lit in each village, in order to ward off any evil spirits that may also be at large.


Bobbing for apples.

The ultimate Halloween game! Super simple but keeps people busy for ages! fill a large bowl with water, put some apples in it and see who can get them out using their teeth. I have even seen some supermarkets sell Bobbing kits!

Pin the wart on the witch

Think Pin the tail on the Donkey but with a witch and a wart instead.

Musical Monsters

Elliot loves to play this! In fact most kids love to play Musical Monsters. Dance your little feet off, then when the music stops, you are as still as a statue!

Mummy Race

Team up and see who can dress up as a mummy the quickest. Have a timer for this one.

Guess what’s in the bowl

Dare to put your hand in the bowl? Get 6 bowls from the £ shop, make some slime for them and put fake eyeballs, finger, spiders etc in the bowls.

What games do you like to play at Halloween if you celebrate?



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