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Exploring Druids Temple - Things to do in North Yorkshire

Last year we visited Druids Temple in North Yorkshire after a day out in Ripon.

I had read about this temple before and wanted to visit so we could explore think Stonehenge like art installation and that is what you have at Druids Temple.

It is a modern folly built in 1820 on the orders or William Danby , the then eccentric owner. As an inventive solution to to unemployment in the area, William decided to pay workers one shilling a day to prop up stones and create his own personal Stonehenge.

We really enjoyed our visit. We parked in the car park where you can find an honesty box to pay. We paid £3 . After we got our sturdy walking boots on we headed up the path. It is a 5/10 minute walk up a public pathway which was accessible. We did pass someone on a mobility scooter and they were managing perfectly fine. We walked through the lush woods and then we found Druids Temple, which in itself is just magnificent. I know it was built by someone to look a bit like Stonehenge but there is still a bit of magic and myth in the air.

Large rocks form the outer and inner rings and there are even some stone chairs and a cave. There's various paths leading away from the temple, the one over to the side takes you up a small hill that looks down on the Temple and we just sat here for a while watching the world go by. It really is a lovely place to explore. You can do a circular walk from the temple back to the car park which we did.

Good to know

🌿Located - Swinton Estate, Masham, North Yorkshire, HG4 4JZ

🌿Dogs are welcome on leads

🌿Just a short walk from the car park

🌿Maps are available from the cafe, but you don't really need one

🌿Info boards located around the temple

🌿Circular route

🌿Accessible to most, although you may find it difficult getting into the temple

🌿Car park with Honesty box

🌿Seating located around the temple if you need a rest

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