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Waterfall Walks in The North East and North Yorkshire

We love being outdoors and reconnecting with nature.

One of the plans we have for 2024 is to get out and walk more and just enjoy nature. There are actually some amazing waterfalls in the North East and North Yorkshire which are absolutely worth visiting if you get the chance. There's just something magical about them. We are going to try and visit as many as we can this year and some of those we really want to get to include: (We have visited some of these before but we want to do them again)

High Force Waterfall

We have visited many times and love having a walk here, there's always a great kids trail too.

You will hear the waterfall before you see it. It is England's biggest waterfall and drops 21m over ancient rock.

Located - Upper Teesdale

Cauldron Snout

Cauldron Snout holds the title of of the longest waterfall in England stretching an incredible 180m. It is only a few miles from High Force but it is in a remote location and more likely less people about.

Located - North Pennines

Low Force Waterfall

Quite a bit smaller than its neighbour High Force but definitely worth visiting.

Located - Upper Teesdale

Bleabeck Force

Another close to High Force, this is a secluded waterfall and there's some pretty epic views too.

Located - Upper Teesdale

Summerhill Force

This is several woodland plunge pools with paddling that leads to the waterfall with the large Gibson Cave above.

Located - Bowlees

Mill Force

Not far from The Bowes village, this one is a wide pool with waterfall and has been recommended to me for wild swimming!

Located - Not far from Bowes in Gilmonby

Huggill Force

This is a moorland stream with a sudden 7m drop which creates a stunning waterfall in a gorge. Very easily accessible. I have been told this one is more impressive just after rain.

Located - River Greta

Hudeshop Beck River Pool

A low waterfall that is ideal for summer swimming.

Located - Middleton In Teesdale

Routin Linn Waterfall

A secluded waterfall in a hidden ravine dropping 6m

Located - Goatscrag Hill

Harthope Linn

A Hidden waterfall with plunge pool in a tiny wooded gorge sitting at the foot of the cheviot and Hedgehope Hill. I have been told that further up stream above the falls another waterfall has created a natural waterslide! May have to check this out when the weather warms up.

Located - Cheviots

The Hen Hole & Three sisters waterfall

A dramatic gorge that cuts into one of the slopes of the Cheviots which creates a channel for the waterfall dropping into the hen hole.

Located - Hethpool

Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth is a triple flight of waterfalls, the walk along is lovely, but not pushchair friendly . We recently visited in bad weather and it was ok terrain, the only bit that was a slight struggle was walking along the rocks as they were slippy.

Located - Wensleydale

Hindhope Linn Waterfall

A Waterfall that has a plunge pool in the ancient forest full of old scots pine.

Located - Blakehopeburnhaugh

Hareshaw Linn

A walk through ancient woodlands to the spectacular 9m waterfall. There's also lots of smaller falls on the way up. Apparently this was a favourite place of the Victorians who would come here to give performances.

Located - Otterburn

Crammel Linn

This is a 7m waterfall on wild moor with derelict military equipment! This is a popular location on a hot day. If you do visit you need to keep an eye out for red flags which means you can not enter as the military are training.

Located - River Irving

Ashgill Force

This waterfall is a 16m waterfall that you can walk behind on a rocky shelf when it is not flooded. There's also some lovely Pools and deep gorge for swimming and paddling. Lots of smaller falls on the way down too.

Located - Garrigill

Seven Sisters

This is a very picturesque Waterfall with seven falls upstream of the River, Pools to paddle in too.

Located - Gossipgate

Wharnley Burn

Another hidden waterfall in a lovely wooded ravine. Short walk along the river.

Loctaed - Allensford Park

Old Meggison Falls

Set in a peaceful woodland, a tumbling waterfall that cascades and the drops into a wide pool. Viewing points from the path.

Located - Cleveland Way

Mallyan Spout

We are regular visitors here and know the village of Goathland very well. This is the highest in the North Yorkshire Moors This waterfall drops 20m and is gorgeous after it has been raining. Can be a bit slippy and there are also plunge pools. We don't visit the village in the summer anymore because it is just over run with tourists and cars being dumped everywhere. Also close by you will find Nelly Ayre Foss and Thomason Foss

Located - Goathland

Water Ark Waterfall

This one is usually much quieter and has a plunge pool upstream of Thomason Foss with more pools and a footbridge. This one is not very accessible.

Located - Beck Hole

Falling Foss

Set in lush ancient woodlands this one is very dramatic at 10m and there's lots of myth and stories surrounding this one. Smaller pools along the way Could be a bit tricky for those with some mobility issues and pushchairs.

Located - Whitby

Mother Shipton's

We visited Mother Shipton's last year and loved it. The walk to the fall is lovely and the setting is just magical, the petrifying waterfall is probably one of the most famous and is so fascinating. *You do need to pay entry and it can get fully booked during summer

This isn't the biggest waterfall and it does come out of the rock not the river but it is worth seeing if you are in the area.

Located - Knaresborough

Let me know if I have missed any you can Send me message HERE 

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