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Cranberry Mocktails ~ Blogmas day 9

Cranberry Mocktails ~ Cranberry just shouts out Christmas to me, it is a flavour that is not to everyone’s taste but I really Really like it. I don’t drink Alcohol neither does Craig (He wont drink Cranberry) More For Me! I like to mix up some flavours and create some delicious Mocktails, Cranberry is one of my favourites because it mixes so well with other flavours.

Mocktails are just non alcoholic drinks that resemble Cocktails and taste when mixed right, out of this world in my opinion. I just love mixing up different flavours and seeing what comes from it. Yes some have been totally disgusting but more have been tasty treats.They are also healthy if you leave the sugar out and replace it with Honey, which sometimes works better as I love Honey! You can easily whip up some different flavours for New Year and have a fab family friendly get together Kids will love them.

You will love how easy these recipes are!

Three super easy Mocktails to make.

The super easy ~

400ml Pure Cranberry Juice 1 Bottle of Limeade or Lemonade (Whichever you prefer) Fresh Cranberry to decorate and maybe some sugar to dip the glass in Mix it all together and enjoy!

A ginger Cranberry ~

3 cups of Cranberries 1 Cup Of Sugar 3 Cups of Water 1 tsp Ground Ginger Or you could use grated fresh ginger Juice of half a Lemon 1 Lime (Juice) Ice Cubes

Mix it all up in a blender it is so good!

Cranberry & Pineapple Kiss ~ (So tasty)

300ml Cranberry juice 200ml Orange Juice 250ml Pineapple Juice 100ml Lemon Juice 1 litre Sparkling water


What flavours do you like to mix up? Let me know and I may try them and feature on my blog as part of my recipe collection!



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