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Christmas Gift Guide: Woman’s edition

It is October, and although that means we can get super excited about carving pumpkins and eating the kids sweets from trick or treating (you know i’m right), for me it also means OMG IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS AGAIN! I always tell myself every year, I will start my shopping earlier that way I can have a nice relaxing December with the kids, then I usually end up running around trying to get items that I forgot about… I have searched the internet for some top ideas for christmas gifts for the women in your lives and things that I quite like. 1) Festive sack of Peppermint candy cane delights – The Body Shop £18.

The best smell in the world!

2) Principles – Dark brown Faux fur jacket – £71.20

bundles of cuddles

3) Watercolour Hare scarf – The woodland Trust £22.00

The woodland trust

4) Elephant tapestry – Craftzone £9.44

Beautiful tapestry

5) Mary Poppins Umbrella – IWoot £24.99

Perfect in everyway

6) Spa day – Buyagift from £99

Relax, unwind and recharge

7) Batman record vinyl clock – HandmadebyKateUA £13.71(Not the typical girly gift but I REALLY WANT IT )

I really want one

8) Fairy tale notebook – Papier £19.99

Pretty for notes

9) Tree of life wall decor – Mettaweaving £64.99

Tree of life

10) Charlie Bear – Elpa £90 (absolutely adorable and I flippin want it in my charlie bear bear collection ) ((Craig))

Super cute bear for the collection

11) Star Wars Galactic Necklace – Thinkgeek $20

May the force be with you

12) Swarovski Deathly Hallows Necklace – Harry Potter Platform 934 £50

Harry Potter necklace

13) The ultimate shopping trip – NEW YORK CITY. Flights from £1000 (We can dream right?)

The ultimate shopping trip

I would love to add more to this list but I want to actually leave you time to go buy the gifts.So many fantastic gift ideas for most women, Including the nerds like me.

Merry Christmas

Kelly x

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