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Cannon Hall Farm - South Yorkshire

AD | We were kindly invited along to Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire

We are huge fans of anything Farm Based, however the boys are getting a bit older now so our farm visits are limited these days. When Cannon Hall Farm asked if we wanted to go along and review the farm we obviously said yes please! Some may have heard of the farm from the Tv shows and we did See farmer Rob on our visit too. There's so much to see and do it surprised me because I wasn't expecting it to be so big or have so much variety.

Cannon Hall Farm is nestled in the beautiful Pennine Foothills and is an established family working farm. The farm has achieved many awards over the years. Read on for our review.

We were super lucky to visit on such a nice day, the sun was shining and there weren't too many people about but we did visit during term time ( we home educate) The car park is huge and there's a separate disabled car park closer to the entrance. We headed straight into the farm after showing our tickets, here you can purchase bags of food to feed the larger animals on your way around the farm. We only got two bags between four of us which was more than enough. We headed to the play areas first so I could get some pictures before other kids used them.

Wow! The play areas are fantastic and there's so much to play with. I love how they have added things in suitable for older and younger kids ( I would up to 12 years )

In the adventure playground you can find tower slides, climbing frames, zip line and so much more. You can also find a special play area for under 4s keeping them out of the hustle and bustle of the older kids.

There's also a fantastic Tunnel maze which I haven't seen before and thought it was such a great idea and I can definitely see lots of kids having so much fun in it. If you are looking for indoor fun you can also find a huge indoor soft play in the Hungry Llama café.

We just wandered around looking at all of the animals. The Mammal house was fab, we loved watching the different species of mice. If you imagine something being on Fast Forward that's what it was like watching the harvest mice. There are also lots of guinea pigs located in the mammal house. We made our way to the Ferret Racing which was lots of fun, there was a bunch of school kids who were super excited and cheered their colour choice on. (The ferrets are in a coloured tube and they race each other)

The boys loved the reptile house, me not so much as they had Ants on ropes above your head as you walk in (Anyone who knows me will know why I do not like them) (Long story short I had one in my hair years ago after a zoo visit that scared me for life)

In the reptile house you can find snakes, leaf cutter ants, iguanas, snails, frogs and more.

Farm animals

We were really impressed with the variety and amount of animals. Read on to find out more. In the roundhouse you can go onto a platform so you can look down from above at the animals. This was a great addition and gives you a great view. we stood here for a while and watched the sheep and lambs having a blast.

The Farmyard

The farmyard has been really well though out and is super easy to following the pathway through so you don't miss anything.

The farrowing houses have so many pigs! You can see them in different stages too, from pregnant, just given birth to older naughtier Piggies (one of the pigs was such a bully!)

The only thing I will say is if you are not used to the smell of pigs you may need to prepare yourself. As you make your way through the barns you come across the rare breeds, milking parlour and cattle barn. On our visit we saw highland cows, cattle, Llama, pigs, sheep, goats including a super cute baby that had squeezed through the gate into an empty pen. The cutest Donkeys ever and loads more. Not far from here is a circular walk that takes you past some horses and reindeer.

You can expect to find various activities throughout the day although these may change if you visit on a weekday or weekend.

*Meerkat talk

*Ferret race

*Sheep race

*Shire horse talk

*Highland cow talk

*Reptile house talk

*Mammal house talk

*Tractor rides

We also stopped off at The White Bull Restaurant and the food was outstanding. We had the Lamb kofta burger with feta, chips and salad x2, a cheese burger with chips and salad and a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich followed by cakes which were all absolutely delicious.

Good to know

Gift shop on site with lots of pocket money goodies

Toilets with changing facilities

Parking is extra, charged at £3 per car or free for blue badge holders

The farm is very clean and tidy

The farm is very accessible with flat paths, although some parts are on a bit of hill.

You can hire Mobility scooters and wheel chairs

Animal feed is available

No dogs allowed in the farm although there is a dedicated café that allows dogs.

Farm shop also located in the car park

The farm is open daily from 10am - 6pm, closed Christmas day.

Tickets can vary if there's any special events on. Currently £7.95 per person with kids under 2 going free

Cannon hall farm is the perfect family friendly day out in South Yorkshire, suitable for the whole family but more suitable to younger kids under 12 to fully appreciate the playing areas. You can easily spend the full day if you take your time and visit all of the talks, play areas etc.

Other things to do in the area include

Cannon Hall Museum

Whistlestop Valley

National Coal Mining Museum

Yorkshire Sculpture park

Cannon hall and country park ( we had a quick wander and it is beautiful)



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