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Blogtober day 6 ~ Why I Love Autumn.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

People get so excited when Summer comes around. Me on the other hand, I secretly wish it was Autumn. I love the crisper season with it’s cool weather and frosty breeze on a morning it is just so refreshing. Since I was a little girl I have always prefered Autumn, jumper weather but not quite full on jacket weather. I have put together a list of the things I love about Autumn.


I have always loved a good horror movie. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. You can get dressed up without people looking at you like you have totally lost the plot, eat lots of sugary goodness (not that i’m encouraging it) and you can snuggle together watching the classic horror movies.

Crisp Cool Weather

I just love taking a walk on an Autumn morning, the crisp, cool weather on your face is so refreshing. Frost on the ground and the birds singing makes this season more special. Grab your camera and see what you can find to snap a shot of. I love taking pictures of spider webs covered in morning dew.


Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere! You truly know when Autumn has started because the shops start to sell Pumpkins. Unfortunately most people only use them for jack o’ lanterns. I would highly recommend Pumpkin soup. It is the true flavour of Autumn. I just get so excited when the Pumpkin Spice Latte makes an appearance. Try making your own latte it is so much nicer.

Comfort Food

Autumn sees the return of the stodge. Stodgy food is comfort food, we always make a lot of hotpots, casseroles and potato based meals. Nothing beats coming home to the slow cooker, giving off it’s inviting scent and settling down to a nice comforting meal on a cold night. My favourite to have on a cold night is a Cobbler.

Bonfire Night

So many great displays are available and most events are free entry. I have always been a big supporter of trying to get fireworks banned from public sale. I know others don’t agree but, it’s an explosive and literally anyone can go to a supermarket and buy them. There has been a massive increase in people being assaulted with fireworks, even our emergency service staff! Stay safe and attend a well planned out event ran by specialists, enjoy the smell and crackle from the bonfire, watch the fireworks and ooh and ahh, eat bangers and drink hot chocolate. #perfecto

Wooly Jumpers

I just love an oversized jumper to snuggle into, with so many great designs and textiles to choose from, I think I will do a whole blog post on my favourite jumpers. So far for the last few years my favourites have come from the Falmer range at Matalan.

Leaves, crispy leaves

We live on a farm with lots of trees and amazing walks available. Seeing the leaves turn red,orange and shades of brown is just mesmerizing. Nothing beats a good roll about in the crisp leaves on the lawn. Try out some bark and leaf rubbings with the kids.

Christmas is upon us

Festive season is almost in full swing with the adverts starting on tv, Christmas markets taking place all over the country and the shops have all gone Christmas mad once Halloween has been and gone. ( some start before Halloween ) I just love making plans to make Christmas even more special because your little people don’t stay little for long. I can smell the cinnamon spiced pine cones already. You have 18 years with your “kids” after that they are adults! Make it special.

There you have a simple list of why I love Autumn. What do you like about Autumn? What is your favourite season?



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