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Blogtober day 2 ~ How to have a cosy night in with and without kids

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

One of our favourite things that we love about this time of the year is, spending time with the ones I love. It is getting so cold right now which means people generally look to spend more time indoors. We Home Educate our three boys, which means we are with them ALL the time. It is nice to have the night off parenting duties every once in a while and we are lucky to have family members close (ish) so the boys spend the night at their house. (This does not happen that often, which means it is extra special when it does)

We as a family love to spend quality time together making memories and having fun. So here are our:

Cosy Nights In With the kids

Movie Night ~ So many ways you can get a great movie these days. I loved Blockbuster on a friday night. ( Wish they were still around!) Now you can rent a movie from Sky or choose the hundreds of movies available to stream from the likes of Netflix. Pop on a great family movie and snuggle down for the night with warm blankets, popcorn and fuzzy socks.

Bored Games ~ We seem to have collected a library of bored games over the years, we have loads of different Monopoly versions too. Have a games night with the kiddos, snacks on the go, mocktails and lots of laughter.

Living Room Campout ~ Not everyone will have the space for this but if you can, push that sofa out the way, roll up the rugs and camp out in your living room. Read stories by torch light, have a midnight feast and stay up late to watch the stars.

DIY Photoshoot ~ I don’t know about you, but our kids love to dress up and be silly. Get some cheap red, fabric lay it on the floor like red carpet and have a fashion show/ photoshoot. Even make a mini movie! Have glitzy homemade decorations, glitterball, and snacks the stars would die for!

Pizza Night DIY ~ I am not a huge fan of Pizza but we really love spending an evening making dough, choosing our own toppings and watching them cook. You could even combine this with the movie night idea.

Without the kids

We have had a child in our lives for 13 years now. That is a long time! So we sometimes like to have the night for just us. Not like once they go to bed we pop the TV on and that’s that because we are zonked from the days work. I mean spending the evening and night just relaxing and doing the things you love.

Movie Night ~ whether it’s going to the movies or watching a movie that’s over the 15 rating. This is perfect if you are like me, a bit of a hermit who loves to just relax on the sofa.

Massage night ~ One of the most relaxing things to do together. Have a nice hot bath, light some candles and give each other a massage.

Cook Together ~ Now this may sound boring to some, but we actually enjoy cooking together. We chat, we get silly and we just spend time together.

Candle Light Talk ~ Simple but so very effective, light your favourite candles snuggle on the sofa and just chat about life!

DIY Spa Night ~ get some face masks, mud masks, cocktails or cocktails if you drink and pamper each other. If you did want to go out you could go to a spa for couples treatments.

Games Night ~ I know this was on the with kids but you can play some adult games? Just an Idea.

Netflix Binge ~ I’m not going to lie, we have done this. Dropped the kids off at Grannies, grabbed some food and snacks and then locked ourselves in to binge on Netflix!

What do you like to do to spend a cosy night in? Have a wonderful October 2nd.



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