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#Blogmas day 7 : How to make a Christmas wreath

Nothing welcomes you more at Christmas time then a really nice wreath on the door. I like to make my own, sometimes I let the boys join in too.One of my favourite wreaths to make is made up from the foraging around our farm, or you can use a floral foam but make sure you pre soak it first. How I make my wreath from foraging goodies. What you need A knife or strong scissors garden shears Your materials to build up the wreath You can use things like Holly, Ivy, Pine cones, Conifers and a mix of evergreens. If you are unsure about what is safe to pick please research first, you can also take a plant book with you to help identify plants. Hazel or Willow shoots are ideal for the skeleton/base of the structure.Use biodegradable string or floristry wire Ribbon – you will need a piece of ribbon to add colour. First you need a base, willow or hazel are perfect for this, you just need to twist it and secure it with garden wire. You can use a metal base to help you build it up.Once you have your circular shape in place you can start adding your goodies. I usually start to add the evergreens first and then berries, pine cones and anything that I thought was pretty enough to go onto my wreath. If you don’t have plenty of plants on your own patch, please get permission first from the land owner.If you are using holly to build up your body I would suggest wearing gloves! The beauty of doing it yourself is you can make it as large or small as you want and you can add anything that takes your fancy. I also make rag wreaths for in the house and artificial wreaths too. You can never have too many! Let me see your wreath pictures.

Kelly x



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