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#Blogmas Day 4: Books my children love to read at Christmas Time.

If you have kids that are anything like mine, they will have their nose in a book at any given chance. Elliot, my youngest at 6 years old, still looks forward to a mum and Elliot story session as part of his bedtime routine. The other two are far too cool to let mum read a bedtime story, but they do enjoy some festive books at this time of the year. The amount of books we own, we could actually stock a library.

Elliot’s top 10 favourites

1) The Gruffalo – Not a Christmas story i know, but I asked Elliot to choose his top 10 and The Gruffalo was of course going to be number one. He is Julia Donaldson obsessed. (He even owns 5 copies of The Gruffalo!)2) The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas. (Absolutely disgustingly perfect for a child!) 3) Sproutzilla- This is a new addition to Elliots collection and he seems to love it.4) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Dr Seuss. Need I say more.5) The Night Before Christmas. We read this every year as a family just before we set the milk, mince pies and carrots.6) Mog’s Christmas. I was never a fan of the Mog collection growing up, Craig introduced Elliot to Judith Kerr and he quite enjoys the stories.7) Kipper’s Christmas Eve. I LOVED Kipper growing up in fact I even had Kipper bed sheets! 8) The Mouse that Cancelled Christmas. It contains animals, Elliot was bound to like it.9) One Snowy Night. Elliot really enjoys this story.10) Mr Men: A White Christmas. Elliot’s favourite collection of books is the Mr Men collection and I am pretty sure he owns most of them.

Toby’s top 5 Favourites

1) The Christmasaurus2) The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe3) A Christmas Carol ( Big favourite in our house Charles Dickens) 4) The Box of Delights 5) The Goosebumps Collection – Toby is Goosebumps crazy he reads them throughout the year.

Adam’s top 5 Favourites

1) The Boy Called Christmas 2) Murder in Midwinter3) The Christmas Lights 4) The Snowman 5) Beano – Christmas version. (Typical boy!)

What do your kids like to read at this time of the year? I find we read more in the colder months. I’m not complaining though, I love a child who has a love for books.

Kelly X



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