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#Blogmas Day 4: Books my children love to read at Christmas Time.

If you have kids that are anything like mine, they will have their nose in a book at any given chance. Elliot, my youngest at 6 years old, still looks forward to a mum and Elliot story session as part of his bedtime routine. The other two are far too cool to let mum read a bedtime story, but they do enjoy some festive books at this time of the year.

The amount of books we own, we could actually stock a library.

Elliot's top 10 favourites

1) The Gruffalo - Not a Christmas story i know, but I asked Elliot to choose his top 10 and The Gruffalo was of course going to be number one. He is Julia Donaldson obsessed. (He even owns 5 copies of The Gruffalo!)

2) The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas. (Absolutely disgustingly perfect for a child!)

3) Sproutzilla- This is a new addition to Elliots collection and he seems to love it.

4) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Dr Seuss. Need I say more.

5) The Night Before Christmas. We read this every year as a family just before we set the milk, mince pies and carrots.

6) Mog's Christmas. I was never a fan of the Mog collection growing up, Craig introduced Elliot to Judith Kerr and he quite enjoys the stories.

7) Kipper's Christmas Eve. I LOVED Kipper growing up in fact I even had Kipper bed sheets!

8) The Mouse that Cancelled Christmas. It contains animals, Elliot was bound to like it.

9) One Snowy Night. Elliot really enjoys this story.

10) Mr Men: A White Christmas. Elliot's favourite collection of books is the Mr Men collection and I am pretty sure he owns most of them.

Toby's top 5 Favourites

1) The Christmasaurus

2) The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

3) A Christmas Carol ( Big favourite in our house Charles Dickens)

4) The Box of Delights

5) The Goosebumps Collection - Toby is Goosebumps crazy he reads them throughout the year.

Adam's top 5 Favourites

1) The Boy Called Christmas

2) Murder in Midwinter

3) The Christmas Lights

4) The Snowman

5) Beano - Christmas version. (Typical boy!)

What do your kids like to read at this time of the year? I find we read more in the colder months. I'm not complaining though, I love a child who has a love for books.

Kelly X



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