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#Blogmas day 11: My favourite Christmas Candles that smell amazing.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I love candles! I have quite a lot of them. Nothing sets the festive mood in full swing like a good festive spice candle. I like to light a few different ones throughout my day to get a really nice scent going through my house. I burn a candles everyday and have done for a very long time.

Most shops sell some form of candle these days, they are just so popular.

I have narrowed down my favourite Christmas scented candles of 2018.

1) Yankee Candles - Hollyberry. It just smells amazing!

2) Lily flame - Merry Christmas scented

3) Neom - Christmas Wish

4) M&S - Star of night

5 )Next - Festive spice

6) John Lewis - Winter Spice

7) Air Wick - Sugar apple & Cinnamon

8) Yankee Candle - Christmas Memories

9) Starlytes - Festive set

10) Woodwick - Jolly Gingerbread

What aromas are you enjoying this season?

Kelly X



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