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Blogmas 2018 December 1st – My favourite Christmas jumpers and what Blogmas is all about.

It’s December 1st, which means the festive season is well and truly here. For many bloggers it also means it is the start of blogmas! I have been really excited for a few months to take part in the 25 day blogmas challenge.What is blogmas? Blogmas is a blogger challenge, one christmas related blog post everyday of December. You can do 12 days, 25 days or even the full month, as long as it is Christmas related. I am going to start my blogmas challenge talking about my favourite jumpers for 2018 and where you can get your hands on them. I love a really good thick knitted jumper, especially when the weather is rather frightful.I have noticed this year there are so many really nice jumpers on the market, making it even harder to choose which ones I want. So I have put together a quick list of some of my favourites this year. Rotita £22.47 I love the design of the tree.

Ryedale £19.99Such a lovely jumper I love the colours.

M&S collection £25I quite like this one, it’s not too in your face for a Christmas jumper.

Matalan £14.50I know it’s not a womens jumper but I just love this one for men. Super cute. I think my husband will be the new owner of this one!

River Island £40I can see myself keeping cosy in this one, it looks so comfy! I am not usually a fan of high necks, however I could get used to this one.

Blush Avenue – From £8.80I don’t even need to explain why I love this one! One of my favourite films, this jumper is the perfect festive wear.

New Look £15.99Faire Isle knit, and such a pretty design.

Geekstore £14.99I have to admit this is probably one of my favourites. As a huge Harry Potter fan I NEED it in my life!

Yumi Christmas tree jumper £45I really like this one,it is classy but still fun for the festive season.

Ok so there you have some of my top picks for Christmas jumpers 2018. What are your favourites ?

Happy 1st of December!

Kelly X



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