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Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps - Review

*We were kindly sent a box of Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps, 100% air dried Spanish Pork.

Brought to you by The British Snack Co.

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Crisps, we seem to buy them everytime we go shopping and if I'm honest it gets a little boring with the same flavours over and over, usually pickled onion, cheese and salt and vinegar in this house, so when we were asked if we would like to try the new 100% Air dried Spanish pork crisps we were looking forward to it. Admittedly we don't eat loads of processed foods to start with, but a packet of crisps is nice now and then.

So, What are Lomo Crisps?

Awfully Posh is a member of The British Snack Co, which is also home to The British Popcorn co & The British Crisp Co. Founded in 2003 with the aim of creating the tastiest snacks on the market. You can also find Pork Puffs, Pork Scratchings and Pork Crackling in the range and now the new 100% air dried Spanish Pork.

The British snack co sell all over the world, you can find them throughout supermarkets, pubs and smaller retailers. Due to Covid-19 they have seen a hit in business especially with pubs being closed, which meant a loss in sales and income.

How are they made?

Using the finest Spanish Pork Loins and a special blend consisting of Garlic and Paprika, it is then finely sliced and air dried to create a tasty treat.

They are also gluten free, high in protein and low in carbs making these a great choice for those who like to snack. You can buy online HERE

What did we think

We thought they were delicious, with a nice crunch and plenty of flavour. Two of the boys were not a big fan of the texture but Adam loved them.

We will definitely be purchasing some in the future as they make great alternative snack options. Perfect for picnics, taking to the movies or for when you just fancy a snack now and then.

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