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An A-Z of activities for when it is raining.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

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This weekend looks like being a bit of a washout for the North East. The boys are keen to be outdoors in any weather, exploring the world around them, however they also enjoy activities at home too. When it rains there is so much more to explore, different animals come out to play, the sky with its changing colours, the smell of the earth as the rain saturates it and of course the soothing sound of the pitter patter.

This is an A-Z of things we sometimes do when it is a bit wet outside.

A - Art

B - Baking

C - Crafts

D - Dancing

E - Explore in the rain

F - Frog hunt

G - Games

H - Hunt for bugs

I - Ice Cream Making

J - Jump in puddles

K - Kite making

L - Lego Challenge

M - Mud Pies

N - Nature Hunt

O - Origami

P - Paper planes/boats challenge

Q - Quiz time

R - Rainbow Spotting

S - Scavenger hunt

T - Teddy Bear Picnic

U - Umbrella walk to the park

V - Video Games

W - Worm Hunt

X - Xbox

Y - Yarn Painting

Z - Zoo Cams

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