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A dog's life

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

As they will both feature on my blog pretty often, i thought it would be a great idea to introduce you all to our sprouts.

Taking on a pet is a long term commitment and when we adopted Summer we knew we had committed to her for the rest of her life. You see Summer was born in romania and found roaming the streets of Budapest with her siblings and mother.

She was a little ball of fluff and she was ours! I honestly couldn't imagine not having her now. She's been with us for 5 years and hopefully a lot longer. I was brought up always having a dog and was always covered in slobbery kisses from our giant German shepherd Sam. I say giant because he was HUGE. Then we had teeny tiny Lassie, the jack russell. I'm definitely a big dog person! So when i mentioned to Craig that I wanted to get a dog so the boys could experience having that kind of love and friendship that i had, Craig agreed. He was brought up around dogs too, so he knew what I meant.

We decided to look for a dog that needed rehoming and it was the best decision we ever made. Summer has become a big part of our lives, especially for Toby as she has taken to becoming his therapy dog and helps calm him when his tourettes are at a high or he is in sensory overload again. I'm so happy we choose her and gave our boys a best friend forever.

Now i'm not a one dog person and if I had the space and time, i would absolutely be the crazy dog lady with hundreds of hounds running wild. Craig had always said no to getting a second dog even though we all pestered him for years. When he finally agreed to let us take the leap and get another dog we were in shock!

We started to search for the right dog, not only for us but for Summer too and when I saw an advert in the local village shop for a litter of farm bred Border Collie Pups, I just had to get in touch and find out more! I sent the email explaining who we were and what we were looking for and when she got back to me, telling me she still had one female and 2 males, the boys got so excited.

Craig has told us stories about his first dog and how he let her choose him and I loved that idea of letting the dogs come to us and see which one wanted us. The males ran straight past us and headed into an open field with the mother, but the female took one look at the boys and shot over to them that's how we just knew that she was the one that would be joining us. The boys choose the name Iris based on our obsession with superheroes Iris is Barry Allen's wife (The Flash). We were a little bit nervous about Summer meeting her but we honestly shouldn't have been.

They took to each other straight away and Iris settled in really quickly. Iris was 11 weeks old when we brought her home and now she is 9 months old . We definitely made the right choice about the second dog. Summer is having so much fun teaching Iris how to behave and also how to be naughty.

Iris absolutely loves the boys in fact she probably prefers the boys company than mine or Craig's. It's such a nice thing to watch the boys grow up and experience life with a dog.

We picked out our favourite pictures even though we have so many but these are the ones we narrowed it down to.

If you are considering adding a dog to or any pet to your family I would definitely say go for it! But always do plenty of research into it before hand because pets are for life.




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