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5 healthy smoothie recipes I absolutely love.

I love a good smoothie, especially on a morning. I have never been a breakfast eater and I have previously skipped this vital meal, then I feel like rubbish for the rest of the day. I don’t have a smoothie every morning but when I do I like to have a variety. My 5 favourites are: A green smoothie I love a green smoothie, they don’t all taste bad and they are super good for you.Spinachtsp chia seedsbananafrozen pineappleRed & Green apple The chia seeds are extremely good for you and I incorporate them into most of the things I eat.

Forest fruitySo yummy I could have it every day.Yoghurt – You choose, I use dairy free as I am lactose intolerant.Almond milk Frozen berries (Forest fruits) StrawberriesHalf a banana Goji berries honey

Paradise smoothieCoconut is a firm favourite of mine, it is refreshing and a great for cholesterol. Coconut milk Coconut yoghurt Banana tsp of turmeric Juice from half a lemon Honey tsp of oats

Vitamin boost Great if you are looking for a vitamin boost in your diet.Orange CarrotCeleryMango Half a small red chilli Tomato is optional but I flipping hate themWater

Kale heaven Kale is one of my favourites, especially in smoothies.Kale Avocado Spinach Pineapple Cucumber Kiwi MintCoconut Milk


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