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27 Must visit attractions in London UK for kids.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

London is a fantastic place to be when you have kids, I admit it is not my favourite place with it being so busy, but it is so worth putting up with the crowds for these family favourite attractions. We always have so much fun exploring and making memories to treasure forever.

I always tell people if you know exactly what you want to do when you visit always book in advance and get the que busters too.

An absolute must for any Harry Potter fan. A world of magical wonder.

A place to discover some of the creatures that live in our waters. Take a stroll through the underwater tunnel and be amazed.

Why not take a look at London from above, with spectacular views across the City.

You can't go to London and not visit the zoo. Check out the Sloth while you are there.

Think you can handle stories from London's past? Enter the dungeon if you dare. Recommended for kids over 12.

Want to get up close with some of the worlds most famous faces? A great experience fro the whole family.

An absolute must if you have Science lovers in your family. We love paying the science museum a visit.

One of the best Museums in my opinion. So much to learn about and you never get bored no matter how many times you visit.

Another fantastic gem you have to visit.

Wow. What a place. Absolutely steeped in history, you can spend a full day here and I can guarantee you still won't see everything. Do a tour first, before you explore.

Fantastic for getting around the city, with a hop on hop off service you can stop at some of the most well known attractions.

Catch A much loved show and have a great day with the whole family.Always lots of shows to choose from.

Hidden secrets to be discovered underground. Absolutely fascinating.

Great for kids to burn energy, lot's to see and do. If the weather is nice why not have a picnic.

You can't come to London with kids and not go to Hamleys.

Step into one of the most fantastic working palaces. Steeped in history.

The world's leading museum in urban transport. A fantastic day out for the whole family

Want to find out more about the war? Then look no further. Lots to learn about here.

An oasis for wildlife and people. Perfect for a nice stroll and a stop in the cafe for lunch.

A must visit theme park in the UK. With rides and attractions for all ages.

Absolutely amazing. You have to see it for yourself.

See some of the UK's money history at the Bank Of England Museum. Teach the Kids about money

Packed full of London history. Really interesting museum.

Looking to climb some trees and walk across tightropes? Perfect for a fun filled activity day.

You will never get bored with Chessington. So much to do and enjoy. Perfect for all ages with. I would suggest staying over because you won't do everything in one day.

Who wouldn't like going to LegoLand? My boys absolutely love Lego. So as you can imagine they love LegoLand.

A fantastic zoo suited to the younger child.

Where are you planning on going this Summer? Did I miss your favourite London Family attraction from my list?



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