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Our 12 favourite English Heritage sites in the North East

We have been English Heritage members getting on for 10 years now and I always sing their praises. It is so worth paying for membership. English Heritage have over 400 properties across the UK and hold some amazing events throughout the year.

We have narrowed it down to our favourite 9 properties in the North East.

Belsay Hall and Gardens - Belsay is my favourite of the English Heritage site. I just love going throughout the year. You can easily spend the full day here.

St Paul's Monastery - Twinned with St Peters in Sunderland, St Paul's is one of Europe's most influential centres of the learning of Cultures in the 7th & 8th century.

Finchale Priory - I spent many hot summers here paddling in the river Wear and wandering around in amazement at the Priory when I was growing up. Now the boys get to enjoy it too!

Tynemouth Priory - We strangely only visited Tynemouth last year and WOW. Quite a lot to see and do and the views are spectacular!

Prudhoe Castle - Prudhoe is one of my favourite castles. I love the entrance and the walk around the castle a very picturesque castle.

Aydon Castle - A middle of nowhere castle, yet not far from Hadrian's wall. An intact castle and we spent ages playing jenga here the last time we went. It is a great place to visit and the castle is amazing.

Corbridge Roman Town - I love visiting here if you take your time going round everything you can spend a day here, take a picnic and just enjoy the countryside views.

Brinkburn Priory - Here you can take a look around the Priory and the old House (which I always get a feeling that is haunted) The Priory is absolutely stunning and I like to just sit and forget about everything for a while.

Warkworth Castle - Warkworth has some really good events on throughout the year and we quite like going with a picnic and just having a slow wander around taking in the history. You can combine your trip to the castle and ruins with a boat ride too so you could easily spend a day here. If you have the legs to climb to the top of the castle, the views are truly stunning!

Norham Castle - When we lived just over the Scottish border, Norham castle was one of two local English Heritage sites we visited a lot. A really good castle that is so underrated in my opinion. This castle no longer has any facilities but it does have a small car park and is free entry.

Barnard Castle - I used to visit Barnard castle quite often when I was little and we have since been with the boys. This castle has some spectacular views to be enjoyed. It also has a sensory garden that you can walk through.

Berwick Barracks and museum - This one is a huge museum with tons to read and see. There's also a great museum and art gallery which the boys used to love playing hide and seek in the replica old town.

Whish English Heritage sites are your favourites?



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