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Zippos Circus – The Magnificent Top Hat Show comes to Scotland – Our Review

When we were kindly asked by Zippos Circus if we would like to come along and review the show, we were super excited because we LOVE the circus.

Celebrating 21 years Since Norman Barrett MBE first performed at Zippos Circus, the 2019 show is dedicated to him. Having worked in the business longer than I have been alive, it is safe to say that Norman is one of the circus greats. It is clear to see how much he loves being there and is a true showman.

Founded in 1983 by the fabulous Martin “Zippo” Burton, first performing in Blackpool, it wasn’t long before Zippos expanded and eventually became voted as The UK’s Number 1 Family Circus Show.


We arrived at the site and were shown to our parking space (Car Park was more than big enough) We signed in and then we were shown to our seats. We arrived 20 minutes before the show started, so we took a few pictures whilst we waited.

The Big Top tent is like a tardis inside, I have always been amazed at how big they are, ever since I was little and used to visit the circus when it was in town with my Grandparents, I used to tell people I was going to run away and join the Circus!

The Show was absolutely fantastic and I know we will be back again. Elliot was begging me to buy tickets for the later showing the same day, he loved it that much!

The Performers

Paulo just makes the whole show, he is funny, silly and made every single person in the audience laugh. A true modern day Jack of all trades. In fact Toby said “Mum he is a modern day clown”.

This show was packed full of talented performers such as:

Elberel Ebbe – The girl in the glass bottle

The Revolution Troupe

Germaine Delbosq – Foot Juggling

Jackie Louise – Aerial Sensation

The Lucius Troupe – Motorbikes in the globe of death

Kaleidoscope – Knife throwing, Limbo Acrobats & Aerial

Melissa & Milo

Gabi & Germaine – Argentinian Bolas

Cuban State Circus – Springboard

Laci Fossett – Dueling Straps

Norman and his Budgies – Budgies were fantastic and I have never seen Elliot laugh so much.

This show was spectacular and had us enthralled throughout the whole show, I have no idea how some of them manage to do some of the stunts but it is brilliantly done.

The boy’s favourites were The Lucius Troupe – The motorbike daredevils were just fantastic and Crazy! They were also very entertained by the knife throwing act.

My personal favourite was the Argentinian Bolas Gabi & Germaine, I just thought it was fantastic and I really enjoyed it.

Everything a circus should be, it was funny, silly and dangerous. It had us on the edge of our seats at times.

A huge well done to every single person who is involved with planning and seeing through the running of the shows. A jam packed show with modern acts, rather than the typical dated stuff, yet still very family friendly.

“You’re never too old, Never too young, Never too cool, To go to the circus” – Norman Barrett MBE

Zippos Circus is currently on tour and will be paying a visit to various locations across the UK. Check out which locations you can visit HERE

Kelly X



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