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Zimpli Kids Slime Baff,Gelli Baff & Snow Review

We were kindly gifted some products from Zimpli kids to test out in return for a good honest review. My kids love bath time, usually spending ages in the tub playing and having water time. So when we were kindly asked by Zimpli Kids if we would like to test out a few of the products they offer, the boys jumped at the chance.

Slime Baff Gunky Green – Turns your bath water into gooey slimeFirst you run a bath, I choose to do a warm bath, which helps the slime form quicker. Zimpli Kids say the product is Non irritant and stain free and is also 100% degradable. I waited for the bath to fill with warm lovely water and the I added the sachet as stated on the instructions that are included. All you have to do is open the packet and sprinkle in the granules then stir and wait for 15 mins for the slime to form and thicken. I got the boys to play with it for the first 5 mins to test it out on there delicate skin, they were absolutely fine so they hopped in and played for well over 30 mins in the slimey goodness. In fact they only got out because the water was going cold! Then I let the cold tap run for 5 mins to dissolve the slime and it drained away without any issues. No stains, no rashes. Fantastic fun for all. The boys loved it and said they give it a 5/5 for keeping them entertained and for being super slimey.

Ingredients in the Slime Baff are :Sodium Acrylate Copolymer (CAS 25085-02-3). FD&C Yellow No 5 CI (CAS 1935-21-0). Blue No 1 (CAS 3844-45-9). Parfum Strawberry. Check Zimpli Kids out on Youtube HERE Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff – Lagoon Blue

Similar to the Slime Baff but with a “Rice pudding” feel to it ( Elliots words) Elliot wasn’t a big fan of the texture so he just played with it out of the bath, Toby said he could have lay in it forever. Adam didn’t take part in the review apparently we are not cool enough for his teenager status! The boys give this one a 4/5 You just sprinkle the powder into the water and play, then when you want to get out just use sachet No.2 to dissolve.Stain free, and no rashes Ingredients in the Gelli Baff :Sodium Polyacrylate (CAS 9003-04-7), FD&C Blue No 1 Cl 42090 (CAS 3844-45-9)Parfum Strawberry Dissolver Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, (CAS 7647-14-5)

SnoBall Play.

SnoBall Play – Makes 30+ SnoBallsNon Irritant and Stain Free.100% safe Degradable The boys really enjoyed playing with the SnoBall kit. Toby liked how it felt in his hands and wanted to just sit with a bowl for the rest of the day.They took it outside after playing with it for around 45 mins and had a SnoBall fight.Once they were finished playing we tidied up the mess into the composter to break down naturally. We put it into the composter because we live on a farm with lots of wildlife so I didn’t want to leave it on the grass incase an animal ingested it.They boys give this one a 6/5 because it was totally awesome! All you need to do to make the Snow is empty the power into a bowl, add 1.4 litres of water per 25g pack. Ingredients in the SnoBall are:Sodium Polyacrylate (CAS 9003-04-7) Parfum Strawberry All in All it was a great day messing with Goo, Great little science lesson for the kids too. They were fascinated to see the water change. I was gifted the Zimpli Kids goodies in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

Kelly X



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