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Your Pet Your Pill by Dr Margit Gabrielle Muller- Book Review

*I was gifted the book in return for an honest review*

When I was contacted to find out if I would like to review "Your Pet Your Pill" I was so happy. I was really looking forward to it.

Written by Dr Margit Gabrielle Muller, this book is an absolute must for any pet lover.

It really resonated with me for a few reasons. We rescued our first dog ,Summer, from Romania, nearly 8 years ago and the day she came into our lives we saw the difference it made to not just our lives, but to the children's too. Toby, our middle son, has a few health conditions including Tourette's, Sensory Processing Disorder and Hypermobility syndrome and the difference Summer made to his life was and is amazing. I did a little research and she soon became his therapy dog. She knew when he was about to hit a meltdown, when he was having a tough time sensory wise, when he was getting anxious and she knew exactly how to calm him down. The other thing I noticed was how little we were getting sick since having pets. Myself and Adam both have Asthma and were hardly getting sick since having Summer. Skip a few years down the line and we rescued Iris at just 11 weeks old. She has been a fantastic addition and she is also extremely loving and caring and loves to comfort you when you are not feeling the best.

The book is fantastic for pet owners and gives you some insight as to how much they really can help you

About the book

A motivational book which highlights the scientifically proven facts on how pets can help our mental health.

101 inspirational short stories about how your pets lead you to a happy, healthy successful life. Based on the authors extensive personal experience with pets and patients. The book is to help people develop a deeper understanding of how a pet can affect our daily lives and how they can help us mentally and physically.

The book has been separated into three parts titled Pets & Happiness, Pets & Health & Pets & Success. It is filled with questions and answers such as How pets reduce Asthma. I just think this book is such great idea. As a self confessed dogaholic I guarantee I will be coming back to the book for years to come. You can also find a beautiful dedication to the authors two dogs Shams and Shamsa they are adorable. The book is great in showing how pets can help us not mentally but physically and I recommend it to any pet owner, or even anyone who is unsure about getting one. In fact I recently had a car accident and one of the things that has help me with stress and shock is having the dogs to keep me calm, and strangely take my mind off the pain.

In the book you can also find the Authors story. Dr Margit's experience in Veterinary practice and how she adopted her two dogs. I love books like this as they make you feel closer to the author and you feel like you that person a little bit.


Price - £12.20 (Amazon)

Pages - 329

A delightful read for any pet owner.



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