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Ye Olde Oak - A bit of fun with some Hot Dogs.

*We were gifted some hotdogs to create our meals. You can check out more from Ye Olde Oak

When we were asked if we would like to create some fun meals from hotdogs using what we already had in, we said yes! The boys love to be in the kitchen and they love hot dogs, so winner winner, hot dog dinner!

We managed to do three fun meals with the hotdogs. You do not have to go out and buy loads for fun food. Just use what you already have in.

First up

Hotdog centipedes

Elliot really enjoyed this one and it is pretty easy to do.

All you need is

Hot dogs

Spaghetti (dry)


Few spinach leaves

Carefully poke the spaghetti through the hotdog until you have lots of "legs" Once you have done this with all of the dogs, place into a large pan of boiling water and on a low to medium heat, let it cook away for around 10 minutes or until the spaghetti has cooked.

Place some spinach leaves onto a plate and lay the centipede on top and pop on a few peas for eyes. That's it! You can serve with fries or whatever you have in.

Next stop

Chilli Dogs.

We love chilli dogs.

This is super easy to make all you need is

Chilli You can make your own (We made our own turkey chilli, find our recipe HERE) or you could use a tin.

Hot dogs



Optional toppings

Cook the dogs as you would, (we used a griddle pan this time, to give that authentic look) heat the chilli, then make up the chilli dog. Place a bit of cheese in the bottom of the bun, then the dog, place the chilli on top of the dog and garnish. We used some sour cream, guacamole and another small sprinkle of cheese. We also served with some Curly fries.


Hot dog Mummies

The boys absolutely love making these. They are super fun to make and great at Halloween too. I think they look and taste great too.

What you need:


Pastry - I tend to use puff pastry because that's what I usually have in my freezer.

Some edible eyes or you can just use mustard or tomato sauce


Get your pastry and cut into thin strips, wrap around the hotdog like a bandage and continue until you have done all of the dogs.

Pop into the oven (check your pastry for cooking instructions)

That's it! Super easy to make. I also used a bit of gold edible shimmer dust I already had in the cupboard.

So there you have 3 fun things you can make with hotdogs and just a few ingredients.

How do you like yours?



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