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We support English Tourism 2020

May 25th marks the start of English Tourism week 2020 ,a celebration of what England has to offer and we love nothing more than promoting our gorgeous country that we call home.

With iconic cities, market towns, breathtaking countryside and spectacular beaches to explore, what's not to love?

We as a family have enjoyed many holidays across the UK and honestly we have some pretty amazing attractions right on our doorstep.

My most memorable holiday from growing up was staying in Whitby in my grandad's camper van (and my gran being stung by a wasp on her nose)! Craig would also holiday in North Yorkshire with his family when he was growing up, staying in the picturesque Goathland. I have always said holidays abroad are fantastic but holidays in your own country are even better. I just think there is so much more to explore right where you live and we should be celebrating that and supporting the economy.

Tourism in England brings in over £106 Billion every year, which goes back into the economy and employs around 2.6 million people.

Unfortunately the appearance of Covid 19 and Lockdown has seen the tourism industry hit hard.The loss of businesses and those that are struggling has left us a little worried and wondering how the economy can recover from this. I have always been a firm believer in supporting local businesses and right now is when they need our help the most.

Over the coming week we will be sharing over on our social media pages, some of our top picks to visit in England, we are also starting a new series on the blog promoting Staycations and helping our economy boom again, once lockdown is over.

We can do that by supporting local business, visiting and holidaying in England.

We should love where we live and explore this great country, with thousands of attractions to enjoy and honestly some of the best beaches I have ever seen so this is why we are promoting staycations in the UK and supporting England Tourism.



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