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The Government's list of resources for homeschooling and our recommended sites.

The UK Government have updated their site to include a list of home schooling resources to use during lockdown. This is to help those who may need some inspiration and are new to the world of homeschooling. It can be a daunting, overwhelming experience especially when it has happened instantly for everyone.

We previously homeschooled our three boys for a year when we lived in Scotland and it wasn't something that we decided to do over night. We had time to look into it and do some research into what would be the best way to go about it.

You can find the Government's List of Online Resources HERE

You can also view our recommended sites HERE. These are the sites that we have tried and tested, the ones the boys loved when we were home schooling. This also includes our recommended educational magazine subscriptions that the boys still get now.

Please don't feel pressured to stick to a routine or think that you must follow the national curriculum at home. This is a strange time for everyone right now. If you have any questions about teaching at home then please do just ask. You can email me at

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