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The Best Science Museums to visit in the UK.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Have you ever gone somewhere on holiday or just for a day out, but then you stop and think hold on a second we have no idea what to do… Well this is us, we do this. It annoys the heck out of me so I promised myself that for 2019 I would make more lists and plan plan plan. One of those lists is this one. The Best Science Museums in The UK. A handy guide to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We love Science in our house and I am forever finding the boys doing yet another Science experiment. I guess they get that from me, I am a Science “Geek” always have been. We enjoy visiting Museums so when we can combine Science and Museums it is a win win.


Glasgow Science Museum

Camera Obscura and World of illusions

National Museum of Scotland

Aberdeen Science centre

Dundee Science centre

Dynamic Earth

Hunterian Museum


Discovery Museum

Science Museum

Science & Industry Museum

We The Curious

National Space Museum

Think Tank Birmingham Science Museum

Life Science Centre

Herschel Museum of Astronomy

Jodrell Bank Discovery Museum

Winchester Science Museum

Magna Science Adventure


Museum of Victorian Science

Star Centre

National Science & Media Museum

Sedgwick Museum Of Earth Science


Stone Science museum


Northern Ireland


Ulster Museum

Have Fun !

Kelly X

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