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Tacla Taid - Transport Museum - A must visit attraction on Anglesey

We planned our day on Anglesey and really wanted to make the most of our day, so when the boys spotted a leaflet for the Tacla Taid museum we had to visit. We are regulars to classic car shows so this place was bound to be a hit. This post is more for the photos!

About The Museum

Just a few minutes drive from the village of Niwbwrch, South West Anglesey, Sought after mechanic Arfon Williams passion for vehicles can clearly be seen here.

Arfon's love for vehicles started at an early age and by the time he was 10 he could drive a tractor just as well as anyone else. Since opening the museum he has added to the collection, turning it into the biggest in Wales. I love the stories you can find here and you can clearly see just how passionate he is about the vehicles.

Our visit

We were not expecting it to be as big of a collection as it was, we entered through the café and then headed into the museum where you can find vehicles set up on a cobbled street dating back as far as 1920. There's also a large motorbike, tractor and farm vehicle collection as well as an impressive military collection.

We really enjoyed our visit and could have spent all day here. Instead we spent around 2 hours looking around before setting off.

Good to know

Café serving local produce


Large car park

Play area

Picnic spots

Disabled friendly

Dogs welcome if kept on a short lead


Adult - £8.50

Kids - £4.50

Family ticket - £24

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1 Comment

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