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Summer Bucket List 2019 What we hope to do this Summer!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Can you believe it is Summer already? It seems like the year is flying by. We have made a Summer Bucket List, this is different to our actual bucket list.

I recently saw something that really put things in perspective for me and that was *We only have 18 Summers with our kids*. 18! When you say it like that, it’s nowhere near enough.

I want to make every moment count, I want to make unforgettable memories with our boys.

The List

  1. Holiday

  2. Visit a historical place of interest at least once per week

  3. Have at least one full day at the beach.

  4. Visit a pick your own

  5. Have a water fight

  6. Catch “fireflies”

  7. Make Ice Cream

  8. Make Lemonade

  9. Family BBQ

  10. Go Camping

  11. Make Bird Feeders ( we get lots of birds in our garden)

  12. Complete National Trust’s 50 things list

  13. Keep a Summer nature journal

  14. Take the Cairngorm Reindeer Tour

  15. Make a giant bug hotel

  16. Go on a forest walk

  17. Go Pond Dipping

  18. Mini Golf

  19. Do a Scavenger hunt

  20. Visit at least 5 new museums

  21. Have a full day of arts and crafts

  22. Skip Stones

  23. Build and conquer an outdoor obstacle course

  24. Spend the day doing Science experiments

  25. Let the older boys cook tea

  26. Write postcards for nannie

  27. Join a summer reading campaign

  28. Go to a Zoo

  29. Take a boat ride and try not to puke!

  30. Fly kites

  31. Family bike ride

  32. Have a garden party

  33. Go swimming in a natural body of water

  34. Dance in the rain

  35. Explore a rock pool

  36. See a theatre show

  37. Visit Legoland Windsor

  38. Explore a new park

  39. Go Surfing

  40. Read Peter Pan by flashlight outdoors

  41. Visit a lavender farm

  42. Go Looking for Dolphins

  43. Have a sunflower competition

  44. Have a midnight Feast

  45. Go to the Circus

  46. Have breakfast outside

  47. Paint in the garden

  48. Go on a Gruffalo hunt

  49. Make tie dye shirts

  50. Make fruit kebabs to dip in chocolate

There you have our 50 things to do this Summer Bucket List. Pretty simple things, yet I know the boys will love doing.

What are you doing this summer?

Kelly X



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