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AD| Space Camp; Hylton, We Have A Problem. Head into Outer Space, from Roker Beach.

We were kindly invited along to find out what one of the most talked about attractions in Sunderland this Summer was all about. We were supposed to have been visiting the opening week, but with our schedule having to be changed due to personal issues, we unfortunately had to cancel, however the lovely people managed to put on an extra showing for us! We are really grateful for that, so thanks everyone.

We have heard lots of people talking about it over the last few weeks, so we knew it must be a really great attraction to the Roker seafront.

Space Camp; Hylton, We Have A Problem, is part of the Unlocking the Doors programme which involves live performances across Sunderland and has been commissioned by Sunderland Culture. Space Camp was put together by tiny dragon production company who are based in the North East (Always great to see local businesses involved) who create experiences just like Space Camp for you all to enjoy. Tiny dragon were joined by Candle & Bell who are a multi award winning video production company and worked on digital, VFX, video and the trailer. Are you ready for an out of this world adventure to New Sunderland?

Our Visit

We arrived a little early to make sure we could get parked as it does get a bit busy with the summer holidays, then took a walk along the gorgeous beach until it was time to head to Space Camp. Once we arrived I took a few pics of the boys and then we were greeted by the lovely staff, who were all great by the way.

Before we got started the staff were cleaning everything from the last showing. Masks are not needed but obviously you can wear one if you want to.

You are given an identity, you are a member of the crew after all on your journey, then you head inside the container which has been transformed into the Andromeda X. You can choose where to sit out of the 8 seats. You are given a quick brief and then you can place the headset on. There's a seatbelt you can wear to make it feel even more authentic. I won.t go into too much detail about the show itself because I don't want to ruin it for those who have tickets booked and have yet to visit. The show does contain strobe/flashing lights, so this is something to be aware of for medical reasons. The show is primarily shown on a big projector on the end of the container and you basically get to experience what it would be like heading into space and the issues that might arise. The door you enter is pushed shut so it is dark when it firsts starts but I think as long as you know your child would be ok with the show, I would say the recommended age rating of 6+ is fine. It is not scary and shows nothing scary, there is talk of an alien but it is brief.

When the show is finished you can have a few minutes to get yourself sorted and then you hand back your identity cards on the way out.

The whole show lasts around 30 minutes.

Bad Points

*It was a bit warm, however nothing to do with those running it, it is summer after all and it would ruin the show if they opened the doors, so totally not their fault.

That's it! The rest was spot on and fantastically well run.

All in all I thought it was great, a much welcome addition to the seafront. The whole team have done really well to provide something a bit different for people to enjoy.

The location is great too, as it encourages people into the gorgeous Roker Park. I have noticed a few people complaining they don't know where it is located, if you are not from Sunderland I totally understand as it is tucked away, however it is fairly easy to get to. Just park in one of the carparks on Marine Walk, Roker Beach and walk North and once you come past Grannie Annie's, you wont miss it.

Space Camp; Hylton, we have a problem is almost completely sold out now and is on until 15th August with shows every hour. Tickets cost £5 each Find out more HERE

Need To Know

*Toilets are located along the seafront

*Great location if you want to head into Roker Park or take a walk along the beach

*Loads of food vendors located along the seafront

*Parking in various spots along the seafront, Disabled bays are the closest you will get to Space Camp located on Marine Walk. You can also find more parking spaces in the 2 carparks at the entrance of Marine Walk. (Charges Apply)

*Show contains Strobe/Flashing Lights

Space Camp is part of; Unlocking The Doors' - a programme of live performances across Sunderland commissioned by Sunderland Culture. #UnlockingSunderland The next two Unlocking The Doors events are:

Club Six Twenty, 26 August; a fun and fabulous neon playground of live music, performance and digital art from the folk at The Six Twenty. A place for you to explore, get creative and have a good time – all happening at INDEPENDENT - SUNDERLAND. Ages 18yrs +. .

ACEDIA, 27 – 29 August; a digitally augmented performance, from award-winning Southpaw Dance Company; fusing innovative technology with live performance via a hologram structure, creating an immersive audience experience in The Athenaeum. Tickets and more information: See the Sunderland Culture Website


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