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#ShopNorthEast Review - Oakwood Soaperie

When it comes to skincare and soaps, we usually tend to opt for products with little or no scent, due to allergies, eczema and sensitive skin within the family, so on the odd occasion that we find completely natural products that can offer a nice scent, without irritating anyone's skin, we like to stock up, especially if those products are palm oil free!

We were kindly sent some products to try from Oakwood Soaperie, a small, independently run artisan soap and skincare business, based in the Tyne Valley, specialising in hand crafted, palm oil free, cold processed, natural soaps and botanical skincare.

We received

First up, the Honey & G'oat Handmade Soap.

As it contains goats milk, this a a perfect soap for everyone in our house, as goats milk has natural healing properties, great for the various skin issues. The Hadrian's Wall honey gives a nice scent, without the need for any added scent. Also Elliot, our youngest, is regularly caught with his fingers in any honey we happen to have in the cupboard, so he couldn't wait to try it. (How often do you hear of boys who actually want to have a wash?)

We just had to make sure he didn't try to eat it!

Overall, the soap leaves the skin feeling clean and well nourished.

Next, the Adrestia Bath & Body Oil.

With its mix of plant oils and essential oils, including geranium, sweet orange, bergamot and chamomile, this is a versatile product that can be used in the bath or for a relaxing massage.

We have used it as a massage oil and found that it works really well, as it doesn't absorb into the skin too quickly, meaning that you don't need to use a large amount, so it lasts longer. We also found that it is not overly greasy, unlike some massage oils. The scent is pretty well balanced. Enough to work as a relaxing aromatherapy product, but without being overpowering.

Lastly the Radiance Exfoliating Body Scrub.

In terms of scent, this was by far my personal favourite. Imagine a smell that just defines Summer. Now make it fizzy. I know that might sound a little strange, but to me that is the smell of this product. When the makers say that this is an exfoliating product, they certainly aren't wrong! Made with Himalayan pink salt, plant oils and aromatherapy grade essential oils, they really do help with hard, dry skin.

I certainly noticed a difference with one of my problem areas. Oh, did I mention, they smell good too?

Oakwood Soaperie also offer a great range of other skincare products including candles, bathing accessories, wedding favours and a wide range of vegan products.

We are definitely going to have to try a few of the candles.

For more details, visit their website

**We were kindly gifted these products in return for our honest review as part of this campaign**

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