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#ShopNorthEast Review - Northumbrian Pantry Handmade Preserves

Relish! A long term favourite of ours, for sandwiches, wraps, burgers or as a tasty accompaniment for various cuts of meat. It goes without saying, that when we were offered the chance to review a few products from Northumbrian Pantry, we just couldn't say no.

We were kindly gifted a small selection of products including chilli relish, red onion relish and Hannah Glasse's Paco Lilla.

We already had plans for burgers for tea, the day the jars were delivered, so sampling the chilli relish and red onion relish was a bit of a no brainer.

The first one we sampled was the red onion relish. We usually have caramelised onions with burgers, but decided to give that a miss on this occasion, and it was actually a pretty good decision. The relish offered the distinct onion flavour, with the slight sweetness we are accustomed to, but also gave a subtle hint of chilli. This is definitely a great addition to any burger. We used up the rest of the jar in chicken sandwiches, a few days later.

In order to sample the chilli relish, we just made extra burgers (any excuse for a good old pig out in this house!). It turned out that this again, was a good decision. The relish has a great chilli kick, but without being overpowering and the texture goes really well with a good quality burger.

The chilli relish, which is handmade with large red and Thai chillies blended with finely chopped red peppers and cherry tomatoes, also makes a great dip for tortillas or even homemade chunky chips, as we have discovered more than once now. We haven't tried it yet, but I imagine it would also be a great addition to many of our favourite dishes.

Lastly, was Hannah Glasse's Paco Lilla. This one is a special Indian pickle, or piccalilli recipe. Now Piccalilli is not to everyone's taste, specially in this house where we have a couple of fussy eaters, but this went down surprisingly well. The boys are no big fans of the combination of vegetable in this recipe, but they stepped up and tried it anyway. It had a mixed reaction from the younger members of the family, but the adults and one teenager loved it. A great, crunchy, tangy addition to any sandwich.

Of the 3 products we sampled, I have to say that the chilli relish was definitely our favourite. This went down well with all 5 of us, even the 2 youngest boys, who are normally very fussy with spicy food, which came as something of a surprise.

All Northumbrian Pantry jams, jellies and chutneys are handmade in Simonburn, near Hexham in Northumberland, by Alice and David, with many of the recipes being influenced by traditional recipes, going as far back as the Victorian period, while others are developed from scratch in the kitchen.

To try these delicious products for yourself, just head over to Northumbrian Pantry's website,, or for a chance to win some, head to our Facebook page and enter our competition.

**We were gifted these products in return for our honest review as part of this campaign**



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