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REVIEW: WWE Live : Glasgow The SSE Hydro November 2018

It is no secret that I love WWE, ever since I was 4 years old I would sit with my grandad and watch the latest episode. I am still a huge fan to this day, only now I have a husband who grew up watching wrestling and three boys who are bigger fans then me! We have never been to a live show before, unfortunately it always came down to two things. Lack of spare cash or we already had plans for someone’s birthday on the days that WWE were close to us. We live in the countryside so we are hours away from a venue, so we have to look at travel time and if it’s quite a distance we have to then think about staying over, which means the dogs have to go into our very trusted doggy hotel, so it can become costly. We were very lucky to be able to save some ££ and get tickets for the November WWE Live in Glasgow’s SSE Hydro. We were so excited to go and see some of our favourite stars ((Jeff Hardy!!)) . We bought the tickets when they came on sale so it was a long wait. It was the night before the show and we had three very excited little boys, they volunteered to go to bed early! They were up at the crack of dawn.It was Armistice day so we first went to a local parade, then headed on the almost 3 hour drive to Glasgow.We arrived in Glasgow around 2.30pm so we went and grabbed a late lunch, by the time we had finished food we made our way round to the SSE car park, which costs £10 for event parking. We got to the venue and joined one of the very long queues.The doors opened at 3.30 so we made our way in, had a wander around the merch stands, did a toilet trip and grabbed drinks then went to find our seat. Our seats were such good value we had an amazing view. Elliot before this point thought we were going to watch it on a giant tv (No idea why he thought this) so when he finally realised the superstars would actually be fighting right in front of him the excited squeals started. Dasha, one of the announcers, came out to introduce herself and get the crowd ready, half an hour later it was time for the event to start.Greg, the ring announcer, came out and got the crowd going then it all became so real. The matches were.. Jeff Hardy V Shinsuke Nakamura Nakamura wins The match was great and they both interacted well with the crowd, winding each other up, some high flying moves and some pretty awesome kicks from Nakamura. Sanity came out far too early and interrupted Jeff making his way out of the ring, so they gave him a beating and then made their way into the ring Sanity v Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Gallows and Anderson win via Disqualification In all honesty the match was boring and I lost interest. I really like Gallows and Anderson and it’s a shame they were put in this match. Jeff Hardy re appears to help them out.Naomi & Ausuka v Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose Asuka & Naomi win This match was one of the best on the night, I love Naomi and she was fantastic but Asuka was amazing. Sonya Deville put up a good fight while Mandy Rose mainly stood in the ring pouting.Wolfgang v Kenny Williams Wolfgang winsI actually took Elliot for a quick toilet break while this match was on but Adam,Toby & Craig said this was one of the best matches from the night. From what I did see these two were amazing The New Day v The Uso’s v The Bar Tag Team Championship The Bar wins This match was one of the matches we were really excited for.Elliot absolutely loves The New Day so when he heard the music he literally jumped out of his seat.This match was great, they all put up a good fight, got the crowd going etc. They are all very talented guys and you can see they love doing what they do. Although that trombone can get annoying! R- Truth & Carmella v Rusev & Lana Rusev & Lana winI was really confused with this “Match” I felt like it was a last minute idea and very, very rushed.It was more of a dance off than a match,with Rusev trying to do the splits. Then Aiden English appeared and badly attempted to smack Rusev in his mouth but failed, which resulted in Carmella & Lana kicking him.Andreas Cien Almas v Shelton Benjamin Benjamin wins, This match was just stupid. Almas came out and badly tried to badmouth Scotland to get the crowd in a bad mood but the crowd were getting annoyed because you either couldn’t hear him or understand him. Shelton Benjamin Came out threw a few moves and then they both went as quick as they came in. I was really annoyed at this point because Shelton Benjamin was supposed to be in a match with Tye Dillinger and I really wanted to see him but he wasn’t even there! Becky Lynch v Charlotte Flair Women’s championship Becky wins This match was brilliant! They both amazed the crowd and they are both really talented athletes. This match went on for quite a while with a whole host of moves being thrown about. AJ Styles v Samoa Joe v (urgh) Daniel Bryan Styles wins.This match was amazing well Styles and Joe were amazing.I have to explain something first. Daniel Bryan. I’m not a fan, I actually think the he is so overrated. While I appreciate everything he puts himself through, I just don’t like him, and believe me I have tried. While Styles and Joe amazed most people, Bryan stood there waving his arms around to try and get the crowd going (the crowd were more interested in chanting for Styles) AJ Styles is the Phenomenal one and he really is, my husband isn’t a Styles fan and even he commented on how amazing he was. Samoa Joe has always just been one of those characters for us and we don’t particularly like his character, but he is actually really good! A few people who passed us on the way out were heard saying how Daniel Bryan came across as big headed and I unfortunately agree. The whole experience was amazing and we have already started to put money aside for the WWE Live May Tour . We really appreciate everything wrestling stars put themselves through for the benefit of entertaining people.

WWE Superstars are professionally trained so please DO NOT attempt to do anything you see them doing, you could seriously injure someone.

Bad Points:Mainly all with the venue They had way too many female toilets, to the point they had to close some and open them up as male toilets, but didn’t tell anyone this until near the end of the event.

The staff were rude and very rough, especially with the younger audience. This was the same upon entry to the venue, into the actual event and throughout the event.

Quite a lot of the Kids who were on the floor kept running over to the barrier and it was clear that staff really didn’t know what to do.

We waited far too long to get our drinks, not because they were really busy but they didn’t know how to use the drink tap.

We didn’t have floor seats (Thankfully we had the first tiered seats which had fab views) however they had way too many seats squashed in on the floor which resulted in bottlenecking and, in my opinion and experience of organising events, is a safety nightmare. They didn’t need that many seats on the floor because loads of them were still empty!

Other bad points Quite a lot of changes to the lineup. I know that when you book tickets it warns you that changes could be made, but I honestly didn’t expect that many. The lineup advertised was originally Jeff Hardy v Almas ( which would have been amazing ) Sanity v Gallows & Anderson & R-Truth Daniel Bryan v The Miz ( I was really dissapointed that Miz wasn’t there as I do actually think he is an AWESOME wrestler.Nakamura v Rusev No Tye Dillinger! Aiden English was the surprise! ( would have preferred The Big Show or Randy Orton) at least he didn’t sing!

The event was great and we saw some really impressive stars, it was definitely worth the ticket price. It cost us £65 each with a standing charge of £8.78 and we were seated Block 058 Row F .

Kelly X



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