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*Review* Our Overdue visit to GMB Tech Gaming Arena – Berwick Upon Tweed

We have finally had the chance to take the boys to GMB Tech in Berwick to use the fab Game arena. Here is our Review!

The boys have been asking to check out the gaming arena in the GMB Tech store since it opened a while back, we have just never had the chance to go.

A while back when we first went into store to buy a few games Craig asked about the gaming arena and was told you can play any game you want.

*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE CASE AND YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR SPECIFIC GAMES WHEN YOU BOOK* If we had known this previously, we could have asked for more suitable games.

Which left Elliot with very little options. Elliot was left playing the only two games that were suitable, which he already has at home, as the rest of the games were way too old and unsuitable. He was happy enough with the experience anyway.

The Setup

Featuring 8 curved Screens, with their own xbox one, headset, comfy chair & controller. You can sit back, relax and just game! For the parents not playing, there is a sofa you can lounge on.

We only paid £5 for 2 hours for each of the boys ( £15 ) which is a great price

You can also hire the place for a party and there is use of a small, but usable clean kitchen and toilet. . Fab Idea!

The shop also sells Cans of pop and juice.

Toby had a few issues trying to get his headset to work, other than that and the confusion surrounding the games, everything was fine.

A good idea, my only suggestion would be if anyone asks in advance about the gaming arena, they need to know the full details including choosing which games you want.

The shop itself is fab and I can’t fault it. We regularly buy from here as they stock a decent selection of games at really great prices.

Plus it means we don’t have to travel an hour to get to a bigger city.

They have a large selection of merchandise available including Comic books from 60p, Pop figures and various versions of Monopoly to curb my Monopoly addiction!

Adam loves the selection of T shirts and caps and they sell some half decent dvds/blu rays.

They also do Screen replacements for Phones and Tablets.

All in all a great little shop, with another option for birthday parties (thank goodness, I don’t think I can deal with another soft play party) & cheap as chips games.

Great store for Berwick.

Kelly X



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