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Positive effects of lockdown for me.

To be honest this is not a post I thought I would even write, how could there be positives of something so negative?

It has been a tough almost 4 months, we are usually a very outdoors family going here and there exploring, but with covid 19 putting a standstill to our activities, we have had to find other solutions to keep us occupied.

We recently home educated the boys for a year and when we moved back to Sunderland, the boys really wanted to go back to school. Elliot was in School for 6 weeks and Toby & Adam were only in school for 2 weeks before lockdown started. I am so happy I kept most of the Home Ed resources that we were using before we moved. It has been harder for Elliot because he was just starting to settle in his new school.

So, what could I possibly be thankful for from lockdown?

Saving Money - This is the big one. We have saved so much money in the last 4 months. Not being able to go on mini breaks, days out, eating in the local restaurants. The main savings have come from shopping. We have been using even more local businesses than we did before and only going to a supermarket if we absolutely have to and only Craig has been going (he hates shopping so he's in and out as quick as possible) We now have a good amount saved up for when we can venture back out and maybe a nice break somewhere in the UK #Staycation all the way!

Local Business support - We have been really supporting local businesses from meat, veg, fruit and even dog treats. I am so thankful for these businesses for keeping us going. I will never go back to buying it all from the supermarket.

Keep an eye out for our #ShopNorthEast campaign coming soon!

More time together - There is no avoiding spending more time with the people you live with. I will be honest, it has been a challenge sometimes with Elliot because he is super clingy with me and he actually never stops talking. However I have really enjoyed just being together and keeping busy with crafts, schoolwork, movies and reading. #Familytime

Local exploring - We have always loved being outdoors, but when you are limited to only 1 hour a day of outdoor exercise it can really get to you. We not only have the 3 boys who love being outdoors we have 2 very high energy dogs. We definitely appreciate the beautiful open spaces on our doorstep more. #GetOutdoors

Healthier Eating & Fitness - We have really changed the way we look at food and exercise these last few months. I have added avocado to my daily diet, mainly in my morning smoothie, been using my cross trainer daily and getting out everyday for a walk. The difference has been massive. Everyone has benefited from better food and exercise. #Healthymind

Cooking more together - We have always loved to cook together, but lately we have been doing more than ever. Before it would be Craig and one of the older boys cooking a main and then myself and Elliot baking dessert. Myself and Craig have been spending time in the kitchen together cooking, talking and just hanging out and we will definitely be continuing this way. #Chef

DIY - I think everyone has been doing a spot of DIY lately, it kills boredom, gets things done and passes a long day.There were some tasks that we had been putting off since moving into this house, thankfully we have now tackled them and have that checked off the list. Now to paint the huge hall way.... #DIY

Stronger Relationship - Craig & I have always had a pretty strong relationship, we get along really well and barley argue about anything. Since lockdown we have definitely become even stronger and have been spending more time together just doing more coupley stuff when the boys go to bed. #love

Green fingers - At the start of March I planted some Tomato, runner beans and Sunflowers. Wow how they have grown. My grandad used to grow loads of veg and tomato plants (he even won awards for his tommies) so when Elliot started to show an interest in growing food I thought we could start with Tomatoes and the guidance I had growing up. They all have now flowered so we are looking forward to making our own sauces and chutneys. Sadly we now only have 5 Runner bean plants out of 15. I gave one to my auntie, who forgot to water it... the dog knocked two over and decided to eat them and the others just didn't sprout. #Growyourown

Dogs - No doubt about it, the dogs were so confused at first when we were staying in the house more, both dogs are mischievous and definitely get up to no good when we go out I think this is what they missed most! No beach trips, no rides in the car and only a short 1 hour walk round the local park we live right next to. We have had to come up with ways to keep them occupied and Elliot has taken to training Iris to dance, after he watched Ashley from Britain's Got Talent online. #DogsLife

Slowing Down - I kind of like how we have all had to slow down, I have always been passionate about activism for Human rights, plastic pollution, animal rights and I just hope slowing down has shown other people how much this planet really needs everyone to lend a helping hand. #Slow

These are a few things that have had a positive effect on my life during lockdown and I intend to keep them all positive as long as possible. I have felt and seen the benefits it has had on my health, mental health and happiness in general. The only thing missing now is visiting Nana and Auntie Julie.



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