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Our top 15 places to visit in the North East after Lockdown

Seems like we have been in lockdown for 837 weeks now and we have started thinking about what we want to do and the first places we want to visit, when life eventually starts to return to normal.

No matter where you live in the North East, there are some amazing, family friendly destinations within easy reach. Whether you are looking for stunning countryside, breathtaking beaches or something in the heart of the city, we really do have it all, right on our doorstep.

We had a hard time narrowing it down, but here are our top 15 must visit places...

With some input from the boys of course.

Crook Hall & Gardens A beautiful garden to visit right in the centre of Durham, complete with different sections of garden to visit and it has a maze for the kiddies to enjoy!

Alnwick Castle - Harry Potter fans love it here, with an array of activities such as Broomstick training, Dragon Quest and lots more.

Chillingham Castle One of Britain's most haunted castles, don't let that put you off though. Lots to see, especially in the dungeons.

Preston Hall I have been visiting here since I was a little girl and still love going. Lots to see and do and it has it's own Victorian street.

Sunderland Bowl Bowling, food and tons of fun. As a family we love to go bowling and have missed going so much we even set up our own version using pop bottles!

Empire Cinema - Sunderland, Oh how we miss going to the cinema. We were going monthly as long, as there was something decent on anyway. I can smell the fresh popcorn in the air just htinking about it.

The Great North Hancock Museum Elliot has chosen this one because they have Dinosaurs! Pretty cool museum to visit actually.

Beamish open air Museum I can not wait to get back into Beamish, one of my favourite places to visit. So much to see and do plus they have the best Fish and chip shop ever! I'm coming for you Davey's chippy!

National Trust Souter LightHouse Not the biggest of places to visit but it's a great visit. Stunning views and some interactive games. You could have a picnic outside too, or even combine this with a coastal walk to South Shields or Seaburn and Roker.

Berwick Barracks English Heritage When we lived in the Scottish Borders we would visit Berwick regularly and Adam enjoyed visiting the Barracks. Also a museum with a pretty cool hide and seek opportunity.

Hms Trincomalee Known as the Pirate ship, or at least that is what Elliot likes to call it when he spots it. If you like naval museums then this one's for you.

RSPB Saltholme I love to visit here, everytime we go we always get the most amazing display of dancing dragonflies. You could also pop over to Seal Sands, just 2 minutes away, where you can see Grey Seals, Harbour Seals and Otters.

Durham Cathedral Such a pretty Cathedral, various activities and you can even climb the tower.

Kielder Forest You could spend weeks here, I know I can.

Namco Funscape The metro centre The boys are dying to get back here, they love being in this kind of surrounding and it seems like forever since we last paid a visit to the arcades.

What attractions are you most looking forward to getting back to once lockdown is over?



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