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Our Review of Disney+

A while back all I heard people chatting about was another app. The Disney+ app. So we decided to give it a go. I wanted to wait before I posted this so we had at least tried it for a few months before leaving a review.

I will be honest, I was unsure about it at first it is after all ANOTHER subscription app. However the boys persuaded me to at least give it a try so we signed up.

Being 100% Honest, we use it a lot more than I thought we would. I mean it has all of the Simpsons episodes on it for start. (Elliot's favourite)

It is quite easy to use, has the search button and various menus which is great if you just want to find the thing you are looking for.

The only thing we don't like about it is the difference with the UK version and the US version. They have so many better movies on it than we do and Elliot is not happy at having to wait until July for Frozen 2! (We have since watched it elsewhere)

What we have watched on it so far:

*Lots of The Simpsons

*Lady and the Tramp (the Live action version)


*Marvels Endgame

*The Lion King

*Aladdin (Over and over) ( Elliot loves it)


*Pete's Dragon

Categories included with the app:

Disney Movies, tv shows,originals and shorts

Pixar movies and shows

Marvel section

Star wars section

National geographic section

Other ( Including 600 episodes of the Simpsons)

All in all it is good value and there are so many movies available (around 500ish) I am kind of glad that we decided to try it out. I only wish there was an easier way for the boys to decide on what movie we are watching. Natgeo has been super useful lately with the boys watching some educational shows.

The Important details

Disney+ Is a subscription app, you can pay for a full year if you want to or you can pay monthly and see how you feel about it after a few months.

Monthly - £5.99 no commitments (T&Cs apply)

Annually - £59.99 (T&Cs apply)

You can also stream to 4 screens (winner, winner)



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