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Our February Check In - What's happening and dates for your diary

February is here and I think we might have skipped past Winter. How freaking warm has it been during January? January has been a crazy month weather wise and we have noticed so many changes to things like plants and bugs earlier than usual this year. We even spotted some Daffodils shooting up already. Not to mention those storms that we have endured. We were super lucky and just chased a few plants around outside but we were chatting about the weather changes the other day and how it is just going to keep getting worse, wind is windier, rain is wetter, sun is hotter etc. I think we may be in for a sweltering summer (I hope not). Anyway below is a look back over January and what's to come for February.

January look back

January is always a fairly slow month blog wise, it also takes me a while to get my groove back after the festive period and I feel like I don't ever want to stop hibernating. Come February and I am raring to go again. During January we got out to as many places as we could and kept ourselves active and visited places like Durham Botanic Gardens, Hamsterley Forest for the Superworm Trail, Tunstall Reservoir, Sunderland Marina walk, beach walks and so much more. We even had a picnic at Hamsterley forest!

I put together a home education plan for the next few months and got together a plan for the blog that I want to try and stick to. I am hoping to reach 20k followers on Facebook by Summer so if you are reading this and like what you see, please give me a like.

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Elliot turned 10! My youngest child is now in double figures, I am not really sure how I feel about this. All three boys are growing up way to fast for my liking.

Elliot is 10! That just seems so weird to say now, I am sad that he is now in double figures but excited to see how he matures and grows into a fantastic young man. He is already one of the kindest, most caring little humans I know (even more so than some adults) always putting other people first and thinking of ways he can help those in need. Smart as a button most of the time and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Anyway, Elliot had already decided what he wanted to do for his birthday a while back. We went to Harrys Game Shack, Sunderland Bowl, Sunderland Empire cinema to see sing 2 and then back home and he ordered a mega beast of a pizza for his tea. We had a fantastic day and he thoroughly enjoyed it which was the main thing.

We do have a day trip planned soon for Chester Zoo but wanted to wait until the weather was a bit nicer so we get to see more animals.

The boys finally got back into Scouts, it was so nice to see them just being kids for a bit and not having to worry about Covid for a change. They have been waiting ages to get back into scouts. We also have a start date for Karate again and Toby can start police cadets this year. Adam has been with the police cadets for nearly 2 years now and Toby has seen some of the things they do and wants to join.


Again the same as last month, nothing is set in stone, we are mainly taking things as they come and seeing what happens. We do have a trip booked for March (more to come on that) but even that could change. Restrictions are being lifted again and if I am honest I'm not really sure about them this time. The one I do not like is those who test positive do not have to self isolate, which I think is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I will still be wearing my mask when in shops, they are dirty places to start with, with people breathing down your neck. Although I am happy that people can go about there daily lives as normally as they can. I just hope this won't cause more lockdowns in the months to come.

We have a few attractions on our radar this month and hope to use our Merlin passes again this month too. I am thinking a trip to Thorpe Park maybe on the cards. It is February half term for those attending schools so we will probably take part in some events that are on and we will be keeping up with our regular beach walks. I think February will be the month I start badminton again we haven't been for what seems like ages and I really want to get back into it. We will definitely be doing plenty of walking and outdoor adventures to get our steps in. I have also added into my diary to visit Howick Hall, they have the most amazing display of snowdrops and we just love a good walk around the grounds here.

I have been playing with our food options too and considering really switching up my diet, I am not a fan of red meat so I think I will be cutting this out of my diet completely and stick with a bit of chicken, pork and turkey, and I am upping the amount of fish intake too. I don't like pizza and try not to eat bread that often, although I do like a bit of sourdough.

I am not doing this to lose weight, I am doing it because that is what my body is more comfortable with. I suffer with bloating when I eat certain foods and think its time to say goodbye to those foods now. I have also cut out fizzy drinks, caffeine and only drink herbal teas, water and the occasional fruit juice/smoothie. I am 35 this year and it is time I started looking after my body and what I put into it. Feel free to send me over your healthy, delicious recipes. No milk based recipes though as I am lactose intolerant.

Garden, well not much has changed when it comes to the garden to be honest, the weather is all over the place so I am reluctant to start planting. We have built two raised beds ready for some veggies and recently got our hands on a load of pallets so we can make a few bits and bobs. We bought two plants from the garden centre that were reduced and they have come back to life with a bit of a replant and a water. We have planted our our chilli seeds and I have in my calendar for the end of the February to get the tomatoes planted. We bought a little green house from B&Q in the sale so this will come in handy.

Movies & TV

Raising Dion is back on Netflix for season 2, it seems like forever since season 1.

I haven't seen any decent movies being released for February. I did read that Resident Alien was back for season 2 in USA so fingers crossed we get it soon too. I think I spotted a start date in the UK for 22 Feb but will need to confirm this.

We have just finished Superstore on Netflix so will need to find something new to watch.(Feel free to leave your recommendations)

February's sky

Februarys constellation of the month is Canis Major aka The Great Dog

It will see the last showing of Jupiter until Summer and Venus will still be visible

The full moon will be the 16th and is known as the Snow Moon

February is also Rhubarb season!!!!! I am super happy with this, in fact we are even going to the Rhubarb festival in Wakefield.

Dates For The Diary

Popular social topics this month are

February 1st: Chinese New Year

February 2nd: Groundhog day

February 3rd: National Carrot Cake Day ( YUM)

February 4th: World Cancer Day, National wear red day

February 5th: Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

February 6th: National Yorkshire Pudding Day (this I can get behind!)

February 7th: National Periodic Table day

February 8th: Safe Internet Day (great topic with the kids)

February 9th: National Pizza Day

February 10th: Cream Cheese Brownie Day

February 11th: National Inventors day

February 12th: Global Movie Day

February 13th: World Radio Day

February 14th: St Valentines Day

February15th: Annoy Squidward day (how could you do that?)

February 16th: National Almond Day (eww)

February 17th: Random Act Of Kindness Day (do you really need a day to be kind?)

February 18th: Drink Wine Day

February 19th: Chocolate mint day

February 20th: Love your pet day

February 21st: Family Day

February 22nd: National walking the dog day

February 23rd: National Banana Bread Day

February 24th: National Chilli Day

February 25th: Chocolate Nut Day

February 26th: Fairy tale day

February 27th: Polar bear day

February 28th: Rare disease day

There are some funny days aren't there? I am baffled at the Squidward day... How is that even possible? its a cartoon character.

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